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I’m thinking…

…about sunsetting the blog season of my life.  It has been a great way to document what I knew I wouldn’t scrapbook about.  It has been a great way to get things down that I wanted to remember or just needed to get out.  But lately I find myself feeling more private, wanting to protect my adolescent children’s privacy and so busy that the deeper thoughts of life haven’t been coming to me as frequently. 

It’s a busy season.  Three children at three schools and lots of sports, practices and appointments.  Homework fills our evenings and quite frankly when it all calms down I want to lay in bed and talk with my children.  I want to throw them in the car and go on an adventure or even just to get gas for the car.  I don’t want to sit at the computer and type which is what I do for 20 hours a week for my job.  Sometimes I feel like I live in the 10 square feet of my house where the computer sits.  I want to get out; not blog.

So there they are.  The reasons why I think this little corner of the internet will become stagnant.  I will send it all over to and print it out and love it, read it from time to time and be happy for the experience.  But then I will get up, walk outside, hang out with my family and enjoy every last minute of it.


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