Ready to…

January 17, 2011 at 7:29 pm Leave a comment

…get ‘er done!  (I’ve lived in Tennessee too long, it’s official)

Before the end of this month (meaning  in the next two weeks) I will:

  • find and schedule appointments for Tim and I with a new dentist
  • find and schedule appointments for K and I with a new eye doctor
  • make paper hearts with K
  • make a Valentine’s garland
  • take Floyd to the groomer
  • lose 3 pounds (by continuing my new exercise regime)
  • mail my sisters their gifts (which would have been done last week had a certain little dog who needs to be groomed not run across the top of them with his muddy paws)
  • watch my son (who placed 2nd at regionals…wrestling) compete in the state team competition
  • purchase a new camera lens and take pictures again…so tired of not being able to take a picture that isn’t with a zoom lens

I have found that making a list of my ‘wants’ and scheduling time to do them just like I schedule calls for work, grocery shopping, etc. is helping me get back in the swing of being creative and exercising again (a promise I made to myself right before Christmas).  Some may say it’s rigid but I say it works for me.


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