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Apparently I’m…

…homeschooling.  That’s right.  Homeschooling.



Oh, wait.  I’m not really homeschooling.  That’s right….it’s just another snow day (for less than an inch of snow) since Christmas break.  So let’s see; of 15 possible days of school in January there have been 6 or 7 actual school days.  So really, I kind of am homeschooling wouldn’t you say?


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Did you really think…

…I wouldn’t mention it?  Of course I would (between squeels and cartwheels).


(source…and story in case you’ve been living under a rock the past 24 hours)

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Ready to…

…get ‘er done!  (I’ve lived in Tennessee too long, it’s official)

Before the end of this month (meaning  in the next two weeks) I will:

  • find and schedule appointments for Tim and I with a new dentist
  • find and schedule appointments for K and I with a new eye doctor
  • make paper hearts with K
  • make a Valentine’s garland
  • take Floyd to the groomer
  • lose 3 pounds (by continuing my new exercise regime)
  • mail my sisters their gifts (which would have been done last week had a certain little dog who needs to be groomed not run across the top of them with his muddy paws)
  • watch my son (who placed 2nd at regionals…wrestling) compete in the state team competition
  • purchase a new camera lens and take pictures again…so tired of not being able to take a picture that isn’t with a zoom lens

I have found that making a list of my ‘wants’ and scheduling time to do them just like I schedule calls for work, grocery shopping, etc. is helping me get back in the swing of being creative and exercising again (a promise I made to myself right before Christmas).  Some may say it’s rigid but I say it works for me.

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Right now…

(No, his hair isn’t dirty, it’s wet.)


  • Is truly a teenager, doesn’t like to be told anything and I need to choose my words and time carefully.
  • Is so sweet to his little sister in the quiet, normal moments of the day that it melts me.
  • Makes running look so easy.
  • Can’t wait for track season to start.
  • Has found his way in high school.
  • Is the first to show his face when I call for help.
  • Still stops me dead in my tracks when I see how his physique has changed/notice how handsome he is…and forget about the smile.  That smile slays me.


  • Is a wrestler.  He loves it.  Fearless.  Works hard.  About 15 pounds lighter.
  • Breezes through school.
  • Is learning to use his self control a little more each day.
  • Is still the Chicken Whisperer and is known to sleep with a particular dog named Sutter in his bed just about every night.
  • Helps me remove dead animals, bugs, etc. from my path.
  • Helps me rearrange furniture and come up with new decorating ideas.
  • Is such a great communicator.  We know exactly what his days look like and I love it.


  • Has really long legs but is still barely bigger than a minute.
  • Is learning how to come back with some really good one-liners.
  • Loves nothing more than to be socializing.
  • Would play board games if she could find someone to sit with her that long.
  • Is smart and still learning to apply herself to things.
  • Is empathetic, sensitive and cares a lot for those who are sick, underprivileged or struggling in any way.
  • Is known to drag a certain dog named Sutter around the house so he will sleep in her bed.
  • Reminds me what an honor it is to be someone’s parent.


  • Still works harder than anyone else I’ve ever known.
  • Is going growing through a 2-year Bible study with a group of men, 4 months in.
  • Continues to amaze me with his ability to accept and love me exactly as I am, at all times.
  • Has a very willing, open heart.
  • Won’t waste his time on things he considers to be….uh….a bunch of crap.
  • Has done an amazing job on his professional challenges this year.
  • Will be happy when he sees I wrote about him (wink-wink).
  • Is the man I love with all my heart and would choose all over again.


  • Is going to make 2011 less busy.  Broke my own rule in 2010 and paid for it dearly.
  • Is making time for creativity and exercise again.
  • Has really good people in her life but longing for a church to make home.
  • Was knocked down pretty hard a couple of years back but finds herself ready to stand again, ready to believe in her own heart again.  That heart is forever altered but has healed.
  • Believes 2011 is going to be great for her family.
  • Misses her sisters so much it can make her cry in 2 seconds flat.
  • Laughed so hard (in public) at what her husband was doing a few days ago that tears were rolling down her face.
  • Is really hoping she gets a vacation this year.

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