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Who even knew…

…that this existed?  National Mutt Day!  I love it!  Obviously if you know us at all you know we are a dog family.  Our lovely Keturah is 14 years old  and she is a pure bred rottie.  But our other dogs?  Yes, straight up MUTTS.  Who knows for sure (we go off of what the vet and groomer guesses). 

We have a problem though.  We seem to be collecting dogs.  We don’t mean to!  Floyd and Keturah were not mistakes.  We meant to get them.  We sought them out.  Kodiak, well, Kodiak just kind of happened because he had nowhere else to go and we felt sorry for him and we really thought Keturah was in her final months (that was 4 years ago).  Then there is Sutter.  Yes, a fourth.  Welcome to my crazy.  I haven’t discussed him because he hasn’t been around long and I was a little leary of all the judgement we would get.  WE KNOW IT’S CRAZY.  We know, OK?  You don’t have to tell us.  But he found us and we called no less than 15 dog rescues and because of the floods, NO ONE had any room for him.  It is guessed he is a displaced flood dog.  We called the pound.  48 hours is all they would give him before they put him down.  We couldn’t do it.  We just couldn’t.  He is sincerely the sweetest, calmest dog EVER.  So calm that the first week I thought he was boring.

But I digress: National Mutt Day.  I love it.  So in honor of my mutts here I go:

Floyd: oh you are my heart.  We think you’re a Norwich or Caron Terrier or both.  But you sweet thing, when we picked you up from the pound 10 years ago you shook for 2 weeks straight.  You’re the little big man around here and everybody knows it.  You’re my ‘I’ll follow you anywhere’ boy and I love you so much it hurts.

Kodiak: We have no idea what your lineage is: german shepherd, chow, rottie have all been suggested; I would guess at least those and then probably more.  You have so many issues you almost made yourself unlikeable.  But you have arrived.  You’re our needy dog and that is OK.  We need to be sensitive to the fact that you are so sensitive.  Your scratching, your freaking out and your jealousy are actually cute and amusing at this point.  You are my dog that would kill whoever tried to come near me to inflict harm and I love you for it.

Sutter: Good old American plott hound and probably something else is what we’ve heard.  We shouldn’t have you but we’re so glad we do.  You’re the sweetest, most affectionate, loyal dog.  You are agile and fast and we love to watch you run.  But our favorite thing you do is a toss up between pulling our hands to pet you with your paw and howling like the hound dog you are.

Keturah — you’re not a mutt but you are the queen of our hearts.  Please don’t be sad I didn’t include your picture in this post.


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