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I’m working…

…on it!  I don’t know if I’m done with blogging or if I’m just busy these days and can’t seem to get to it, but I’m working on it and I’m working on our summer list.  Less than 2 weeks we have!  Because I’ve been a slacker blogger I won’t make an entirely photo heavy post with pictures of every.single.thing but I will tell you about it!

  • Pied Piper Creamery: OMG….so much fun.  I loved this place.  The people and the place reminded me of California and I was aching for a little California so it was great.  The flavors are all developed right there and they make it so much fun.  Here are a few of their concotions: Fruit Loop Cereal Milk, Trailer Trash, Red Velvet Elvis, Are You There God It’s Me Margarita.  The Fruit Loop Cereal Milk was EXACTLY what you would expect…trippy.
  • Laundry Skills – much to the boys’ disliking and much to Kaitlynn’s love these have been learned.
  • Franklin — been there, done that.
  • Summer Camp — she loved it yet again.
  • Pleasant Dinners — we’ve come a long way, Baby.
  • Paint Powell’s Room — check!  (and now the others want it done too even though they don’t need it).  The best part of this is now the boys both know how to paint a room…albeit not perfectly, practice will help with that.
  • Farmers Market — now a goal of mine is to make this trip 2 times a month just to get myself out of town and take advantage of the extremely fresh produce and local growers.  Once there, I realized how much I missed going.
  • Sew — it’s been nice.  Little snippets of time here and there.  Christmas is in the making and I’m loving it.

Here are a few pictures of some of our escapades.  Waking up from a nap the first day home from summer camp (she slept like she was getting paid to do it for several days):

More on the dolls later….


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Crikey Batman….

…got a call early Friday evening from my dad who said I had to come over fast with all of the kids.  He had something to show us.  Boy, am I glad I did….how cool are these?

There were 6 total but only 4 when we got there.  Little baby bats sleeping the day away.  Dad and D had just put out the hanging pot the day before and then surprise!  The babes found it and decided it was a good place to sleep for the day.  Being blind as bats, they couldn’t see us but the closer we got to them, the more they shook.  Clearly their sonar is working.

Once we decided to leave them alone we found another creature who clearly didn’t want to be left alone.  He wanted to eat.  And he was patient.  This was the position he assumed for a good half an hour…never once taking his eyes off of us.  He was very persistent.

Finally we relented and let Kaiti-cat put some nuts out for him.

What?  Who me? 

He stayed until every last one was gone.

By now Kaiti was in full feeding mode and decided the ducks needed some corn…

It was a good visit.   Clearly, Dad didn’t enjoy himself a bit.

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