Why oh why…

June 29, 2010 at 12:29 pm Leave a comment

…do I hate the computer so much lately?  I think it must be my job because as soon as I’m done I run down the stairs and don’t even want to think about the room the computer is in.  Either way, we are getting through our summer list and crossing things off!  We need to get moving a little faster though; only 5 weeks left!  I will get onto the list in a moment. 

First, a look at why the best investment we ever made, ever in our lives, was our swimming pool.  I seriously don’t know what we would do with our summers if we didn’t have it and I would seriously miss this scene, which is practically everyday:

The games they make up, the grumpy moods it deletes and the exercise are invaluable.  Now onto the summer list:

  • Killed 3 birds with one stone on this one: have a summer party in the backyard and watch a movie outside.  What a fun night.  If you have never done this and you have any opportunity to, do it!  We rented Back to the Future which took care of “Rent an 80’s movie”.  Now I’m looking forward to doing it again in the Fall, cuddling under blankets and drinking hot chocolate.  Who knows, maybe that will be just a mom and dad movie night.
  • And those boys right there have been playing some serious flashlight tag.   They let Kaiti tag along but I don’t know how much playing she gets to do (she is so tiny she hides where they can’t find her and ends up hidden all night which means she wins which means she doesn’t care).
  • He did it.  He went and turned 14 on me.  Traitor. 
  • And then there was Nashville Shores.  This isn’t actually a picture taken there but rather in the front yard on the way there, but I loved the look on Joel’s face and really want to know what Powell said under his breath right before I snapped the picture. 

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The wait is over… Crikey Batman….

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