Making our way…

June 9, 2010 at 10:43 pm 1 comment

…through the poster’s list of things to do.  This week: 6 items off the list (7 if you count something in my head that I didn’t commit to on the board).

  1. Trip to the library #1.  It was only Kaitlynn but she checked out the first 2 Little House on the Prairie books and that did my heart good.  I loooooooooved Little House as a child and always secretly dreamed my dad would call me Half Pint.
  2. Trace.  Powell went.  He came home fairly tic infested but we took care of that and now he is happily in….
  3. …Destin with Alden.  I am hearing periodically that things are going well if not sunburnt.  So far only the top of one boy’s head and the shoulders of another.  Thank goodness they listened and are actually using the sunscreen I sent with them.
  4. Chocolate Pie (it is a favorite of all 4 people I live with)

And while I love chocolate pie, I really love coconut cream pie so since Doug was coming over and he loves coconut cream pie too, I made one just for good measure.

          5.  Sold PS2 and games

          6. Kids Cook — see, every summer I have two goals for my kids in the life skills department.  This year they are learning how to actually run the washer and dryer and cook dinner (from planning to shopping to cooking).  They obviously get adult supervision but since they’re pretty adept at some things in the kitchen, I know they’ll be cooking on their own by the end of summer.  For Alden’s night this week (they are each assigned one night a week) he made Chicken Parmesan and Asparagus.  I have to say, he did 85% of this himself and I have to say, it was delicious.

Now I didn’t put crafts on the board because my intentions are always good but my follow-through in the busy days of work and play don’t always allow me the patience or energy to do it.  But this week I did 2 projects with the Kati-cat.

As you can see, she absolutely hated it. 

I am really loving having the list but not having it on a calendar.  It is a much more relaxed approach and it’s fun not knowing what might happen on a particular day.  

Now onto another week!  I wonder what we’ll do….


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A little late… I didn’t realize…

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  • 1. trace  |  June 19, 2010 at 12:16 am

    I presented the list idea to Zach last week after reading this post but he turned it down for the calendar. He was all about the calendar!


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