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This little sucker…

hurts.  It is a bulging disc and while it’s been in my back for a while, it is apparently getting worse.  So I am on a new regiment of glucosamine, back exercises, no walking up hills, ice every night and no lifting.  We’re trying to avoid surgery and at the very least I can say that the therapy at the chiropractor feels wonderful

But please let me complain for a second….this flare up is awful.  It hurts.  I am walking like I’m 101 and I can’t stand straight.  My back is essentially one big spasm at the moment.  The other thing?  It’s boring.  Not being able to move whatsoever is boring.  OK, now my pity party is over because I realize it will pass and I will move and I will get my stuff done and there are others who won’t.  So what am I complaining for?  Grrr….ever just have one of those weeks?


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And just like that…

…my world was instantly a happier place. 

You see, on Wednesday I took my beloved Keturah to the vet because she has become incontinent while sleeping.  She is almost 14 and we know that is far beyond the normal life span of a rottie.  I had myself braced for them to say that medicine wasn’t the answer because of her age.  This is what he said instead: “I can’t believe how well she is doing.  This medicine will work like a charm.  Give her aspirin twice a day and her activity level will probably jump up.  She’s such a sweet dog.  She’s so smart.  She’s very patient.  I think you’re in the last 1-2 years with her.”  We didn’t expect that.  We didn’t think we had that long.  She has amazed us over the past few years with her ability to keep on keeping on.  She’s a happy dog and he could see that.  It made me happy.  On cloud 9 knowing she’ll be around a lot longer than I thought.  Now I’m going to stop thinking about it and just enjoy her.

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…this.  I think the line at 1:34 is my favorite.  The whole thing just goes along with my ’embrace the minivan time of life’.

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What do you do…

…when it rains non-stop for 2 days; think 21 inches in 2 days.  When the schools are closed and the roads won’t take you where you want to go?  When people around you are dealing with this:


I’ll tell you what you do.  You thank God your house is OK.  You thank God you have power and water.  You thank God your children can watch TV because if you have to play one more board game you might lose your mind.  You also paint baseboards, do all the laundry in the house, steam over the comforter that was drying on the laundry line and is now out there getting pounded with water, check on chickens at every possible ‘let up’ of rain (which is basically just going from dumping like you’re in the biggest, baddest shower ever to dumping like a normal shower) and dream of making these very soon:

They’re brookies.  A cookie baked into a brownie.  Seriously?

Then you giggle and realize you’re really cracking under the pressure of cabin fever because you’re dreaming about pulling all the weeds when the rain lets up because the ground will be soft and it will make it easier and then when you’re done and your husband comes home  you’ll give him a brookie and when he sees the weeded yard and the painted trim and the closet full of clean clothes you just know he’ll pronounce:

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