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…things I am loving right now.  The first one doesn’t have a picture so I’ll just tell you about it.  I love that my husband, at 44, almost 45 years of age still dreams on a regular basis that he is a pirate.  Those mornings when I wake up and he tells me he had a pirate dream are like Christmas to me.  I am so amused and weirded out and excited all at the same time.

I am also loving that I painted that chalkboard in our kitchen.  I use it everyday.  every.single.day.  I highly recommend it.

See that last line on the board?  Lunchbox bags?  I’m loving this new system in our house.  I had read that people do it and I never did until a couple of weeks ago and boy, it makes lunchbox packing so much quicker.  Every Sunday Kati-cat packs up all the chips, pretzels, cookies…you know, side items for the lunchbox…into bags that we can just throw into the lunches all week long.  I am hoping to eventually turn these into reusable containers…just need to find some that don’t take up so much room in the lunch box.

I also found these magnets the other day when I was cleaning out.   I’m shocked I still had them as I’m one to get rid of things on a monthly basis…but they were such a happy find.  They were a toy the boys had when they were much younger.  I put them all over the side of the fridge, by the toaster, and we’re having fun making up new faces while we wait for things to toast.  Such a fun addition to our home.

With all of the people I hear about who say they have no cooking skills, I’m loving that my children have cooking skills.  I love that they help us prepare meals and will grow up to be able to feed themselves good food.

Perhaps boring but I am also loving that I am consistently making my own bread crumbs.  I hate throwing away stale bread (seems like such a waste) and I love saving money on not having to buy bread crumbs.  I just keep them in the freezer and they’re ready when I need them.

We haven’t found good pizza since we moved.  Well, unless we go all the way to Nashville which ain’t happenin’ too often.  So right now I’m loving our homemade pizza.  I think we’ve finally perfected it.

Loving that I have taken advantage of the cheap plates at Target each season (we like them for breakfast and lunch).  I now have an entire year’s worth for every occassion we like to celebrate.  I pulled out my Valentine’s dishes last weekend.  While this is only 1 of the 3 styles I have they make me so happy (darn Mosaic Maker wasn’t working so I can only show you 1.

I love walking upon this and seeing what buddies these 2 are.

I love that this boy takes such good care of the chickens and never complains about it.

And finally I love that my girl is such a generous person.  She loans her brothers money to get things they want when they only need a few more dollars and buys ice cream for her friends when the ice cream truck comes around.


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