Highly recommend…

January 20, 2010 at 2:11 pm Leave a comment

…the notes in a jar thing.

I mentioned it in my plans for the new year and we are really loving it.  It brings a mellow to the dinner table and its always interesting to see what people wrote down.  Sometimes it’s a surprise and sometimes it is completely expected.  We had to do a reminder after the first week that it’s not all for complaints; that you have to put in happy things too.  Now it’s a nice mix of both.  Most importantly, I think the kids feel really heard…there is something about talking about things outside of the moment that is productive and definitely something to be praised and recognized for something good you did (knowing that good thing lasted longer than the moment).

Also highly recommended from the new year plans?  The allowance disbursement going towards lunches, movies, etc.  The kids are so much more aware of how much things cost and are eager to budget.  So far it has saved the family close to $40 a week.  Money we’re putting aside for a summer vacation. 

Other updates on new year goals:

  • family walks: these will be great.  We have been stuck in executing other than some snowy walks the first week.  Dad (Tim) was pretty sick so we have been waiting for him to heal up completely.
  • family outings: 3 are on the books.  So far rollerskating, dinner at the kitchen table at Bucca and a trip to some place I can’t remember the name of right now but it’s supposed to be a beautiful place to walk and explore.
  • interrupting is decreasing
  • boys are getting there with us girls and our dislike of noise, poking and ‘boy’ jokes
  • name calling almost non-existant
  • baby – no progress here.  Still ain’t happening.  Forget about it.  But I do have 4 friends with babies on the way.  THAT is the kind of baby I’m having…ones I can love on and adore but not have to buy car seats for.

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