3 days of…

January 9, 2010 at 3:13 pm Leave a comment

…light, steady snow this week.  3 in a row that is.  Pretty good by Tennessee standards (it’s actually sticking since it’s only 17 outside) and the schools finally closed for actual snow days (as opposed to the dozens of other times they closed for the threat of a snow day).  The kids certainly aren’t complaining and as you can see, they’re having no fun at all.

We’ve been on walks, played lots of video games, had snow ball fights, re-arranged bedrooms, gone on one quick errand run, made cookies and are thinking about the possibility of s’mores in the fireplace tonight.  Definitely cozy winter days as of late. 

While the snow is beautiful and watching it slowly drift to the ground is rather soothing I must say there is a part of me that longs for the warm Spring days I know are coming in a few months.  The days that are a big longer, filled with productivity and the sounds of birds in my yards.  When I stepped out to check on the chickens this morning this is what I saw straight away:

It’s one of our crepe myrtle trees that is the most vibrant fuschia ever for months each year.  I’ve never seen a tree bloom so long in my life.  It has the most gorgeous trunk that appears to peel and reveal all kinds of different colors.  As I looked at it against the backdrop of white I wondered what was going on inside.  It appeared to be dead and completely devoid of life yet I know that inside there is a process taking place that is necessary for those vibrant blooms to burst forth when the next season arrives.  I wish I could see it.  I wish I could unzip the trunk and look at what was going on.  It reminded me that I often wish I could unzip the air to see what was happening in the spiritual realm that I’m unaware of.  Then that reminded me that I am not so different from my tree. 

Spiritually, it’s been a season of dormancy in my life.  A season where I appeared to be doing nothing, appeared to be dying and losing my blooms.  But on the inside there has been a necessary process taking place.  There has been healing and searching and crying out.  But I am starting to feel the prickle of blooms bursting forth.  Blooms that won’t replace the old ones but new ones that will join them bringing forth new color and new fragrance.  It was my little moment this morning where I felt as though the Lord was reminding me that He doesn’t waste an ounce of time when it comes to us; that even though sometimes we feel like we’re in a barren season He will bring forth a harvest if we are willing.


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