Got bit…

January 7, 2010 at 1:40 pm 2 comments

…and I’m so glad.  No, it wasn’t by a bat that flew into the house or a vampire in the woods nearby.  It was by the creative bug!  I’m so glad it bit me.  I’ve been missing it.  It’s ah-mazing what having a couple of weeks in slow mode, a clean, organized house and cold, cold days will do for the creative juices.

I had seen some ‘yarn wreaths’ floating around blogs and etsy shops and I just loved them.  I thought they were a great modern, sleek take on the traditional dusty, floral wreaths.  Here it is about 15 minutes in:

Yes, 15 minutes in.  This process requires a little patience but it was methodical and somewhat soothing to do.  This was the point where it was covered in yarn and it was yummy just by itself so it kind of froze me for 24 hours because I had NO IDEA what I wanted to add to it.  I just knew that I wanted to hang it on the mirror in my dining room.

I was afraid to put too much on it, I definitely wanted to keep it simple.  I’m so happy with how it turned out; I just wish I could have gotten a better picture.  It’s hanging on a mirror so it’s kind of tricky.

I know, I know the detail is a little blurry so here is another picture (I just love the little bit of blue.  It matches my dining room table perfectly).

Whilst I stewed on what to do with the wreath I decided to paint a chalkboard in my kitchen.  After a quick trip to see Gretchen and discuss my options I (we) settled on the pantry door.  Bad idea.  It looked really bad.  I erased the picture off my camera as it was a memory I didn’t want to hold onto.  It did however force me to paint back over the pantry door therefore leading to a complete house door and trim paintover which I knew I needed to do 6 months ago and never did.  So I guess something good came out of it (thank goodness it’s freezing…think 13 degrees…outside and no one in their right mind would go anywhere therefore making it easier to stay in and get this project done).  Anyway, I ended up painting the side of a kitchen cupboard that is right across from the pantry and next to the fridge.  Perfect because I want to use it to make shopping lists through the week.  Even more perfect because the kids got home from school and 1/2 an hour later I walked by it and there was a little scribbling on it.

Knowing that is the first thing on his mind to write down on a brand new chalkboard is definitely better than a shopping list.


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  • 1. gretchen owens  |  January 8, 2010 at 2:53 am

    I love it! the wreath…it’s great! i’m so glad you are creative again…i’m beginning to think i need to hang up my creative soul…

    i’m sooooo sorry the chalkboard looked horrible…but i love what you did instead! PERFECT!

  • 2. Petit Elefant  |  January 8, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    I LOVE that chalkboard! Painting the inside of our pantry door was one of the best projects I’ve done, I love having chalk in the kitchen.


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