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January 2, 2010 at 4:05 pm Leave a comment

…we sat down last night during/after dinner to decide what our family goals for 2010 would be.  If I’m honest, 2009 kind of stunk.  There were hard decisions made, surgeries, friends lost and mourned, too much work and to say the economy didn’t affect our family would be a huge lie.  When I think about it, this is the most excited for a new year I can ever remember being.  I’m looking forward to the fresh start, positive moments and cleaning out the clutter (metaphorically speaking). 

I’ve never been one for resolutions (nor has Tim) so we’ve never passed that onto our children.  But this year we decided to set some concrete goals as a family.  It’s partial bucket list for 2010 and partial goals/lessons.  Everyone got a chance to talk and contribute and here is the final list:

  • go bowling (again)
  • go rock climbing (again)
  • reinstate family movie nights
  • no name calling (kids can be so mean!)
  • a baby (uhhhh…..this was followed up by a discussioin about the probabilities of this happening being zero to none)
  • more game nights
  • monthly family outing (a picnic, an adventure, scoping out a new ice cream parlor, etc.)
  • weekly walks, as a family, with the dogs
  • a new allowance structure (the kids will be getting a tad more allowance and covering their own hot lunch/game rental/movie rental expenses with it…we figured it’s time they learn to budget for what they want)
  • comment jar (to be gone through once a week at the dinner table)
  • all 3 boys will work on respecting that mom and K are girls
  • less interrupting
  • summer vacation

I think most things we all agreed one, definitely the summer vacation one was all agreed upon.  I also got comments like don’t stop making the new macaroni and cheese recipe, please make more cookies this year and please don’t stop driving us to school (the bus comes EARLY as we are the second stop on it’s route).  It was interesting to see what the kids thought was important.  I was surprised at how much my teenager still wanted family events to occur.  Surprised and happy, happy, happy. 



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