Well, I never…

December 23, 2009 at 2:20 pm Leave a comment

…saw a church nativity program.  Never.  Not one time in my life have I seen a Christmas program of the actual nativity done at church.  I’ve been going to church regularly for 24 years now and I had never seen one until this year.  I have to admit, when we settled in I was worried I would sit there feeling critical and cheesey.  I have to admit, I was completely wrong.

My family is attending what is a new church for us.  We’ve only been there about 3 times so we only know a few people (unfortunately we all left our old church at the same time) and definitely not any of the people in the program.  Here’s the deal: I live in the south.  Accents y’all.  Hence, I was worried I would be critical and it would be cheesey.  Instead I was presented with something that clearly much time had been spent on, a wonderful song sung by 2 of the wise men, a great narrator who doned an accent that she must have worked very hard on and tears as the baby Jesus was presented.  It felt a little like a scene from a movie.  The only time I was pulled back to reality was when one of the wise men said, “Hey, ya’ll” and when the angel said, “You shall call him Jay-zus!”


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Just in case… Ever so carefully…

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