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Ever so carefully…

…and slowly working my way through the piles that accumulated in my house during/over the holidays.  I hate piles.  To date I am 2 children’s rooms, 1 laundry room, 1 kitchen, 1 sunroom, 1 family room, 1 pantry and 1 closet down.  I have a craft room, a playroom, a kitchen drawer, 1 more kids room and a linen closet and the entire house is done.  Goodwill loves me.  They love me year-round actually because I tend to make drop-offs every month, if not twice a month.  So with that, how in the world do I have so much to get rid of still?  I don’t even want to think about the garage.  Tim says it is because I’m ultra clutter-phobic.  Maybe that is true.  I just can’t stand chaos in my house, it makes me feel like my life is chaotic.  I have to admit, right now I would love to live in my laundry room cupboards.  They’re beautiful.  Absolutely gorgeous and functional and there isn’t one thing in there that doesn’t belong or get used.  Love it.  So the point of this little post?  Just to somehow document that all this work has been/is being done because goodness knows the kids could care less.


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Well, I never…

…saw a church nativity program.  Never.  Not one time in my life have I seen a Christmas program of the actual nativity done at church.  I’ve been going to church regularly for 24 years now and I had never seen one until this year.  I have to admit, when we settled in I was worried I would sit there feeling critical and cheesey.  I have to admit, I was completely wrong.

My family is attending what is a new church for us.  We’ve only been there about 3 times so we only know a few people (unfortunately we all left our old church at the same time) and definitely not any of the people in the program.  Here’s the deal: I live in the south.  Accents y’all.  Hence, I was worried I would be critical and it would be cheesey.  Instead I was presented with something that clearly much time had been spent on, a wonderful song sung by 2 of the wise men, a great narrator who doned an accent that she must have worked very hard on and tears as the baby Jesus was presented.  It felt a little like a scene from a movie.  The only time I was pulled back to reality was when one of the wise men said, “Hey, ya’ll” and when the angel said, “You shall call him Jay-zus!”

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Just in case…

…you’re wondering what happens when you decide to put Christmas M & M’s on the table (because you don’t typically have candy lying around the house, out and available for your people to eat) and then you decide to leave said M&M’s on the table at dinnertime because you’re doing buffet burritos on the kitchen counter and then you come to the table last because, well, because you’re the mom and typically you come to the table last, this is what happens:

(Was that not the longest run-on sentence in the world?)

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It’s a little late…

…for the ‘grateful’ posts that were plentiful last week but I’m doing it anyway because I am struck with a grateful heart for this man:

I’m grateful that he has been flexible and understanding and ever-so-patient with my crazy schedule as of late.  He has picked up duties while I ran back and forth from the hospital for 3 weeks.  He has smiled while visiting my mom in the hospital even when I knew he was dog tired and not feeling well himself.  He willingly accompanied me in 30 degree weather last night to decorate her apartment for Christmas and this morning, when we brought her home, he patiently sat in a chair while I unpacked her, made sure she was completely comfortable being alone and made a grocery list with her.  He has been a gem.  He hasn’t, not one time, made me feel like the extra duties were a burden and has kept me calm and happy and laughing when I easily could have been stressed and crying.  So a late Thanksgiving post or just a happy heart for having chosen well when I chose my partner in life?  I’ll let you decide.

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