The best…

November 10, 2009 at 2:43 am 1 comment

…tree in the world. It isn’t big.  It isn’t old.  But it’s the best tree in the world.  It is in my front yard.  We have the same type in the backyard too and while it’s beautiful as well, this is the best tree in the world.  It is seen from my scrapbook room and when you’re in Powell’s room all  you see is the puff of white, green or red depending on the time of year.  It’s a dogwood tree.  It’s the type of tree they say Jesus was hung on.  What makes it so amazing is that it changes so vibrantly.  Here it is in the Spring when it is first coming to life after a long, cold winter:

Dogwood Buds

From buds to blooms…


I’m not so sure this picture does it justice as to how white it becomes.  It is a literal puff of white.  Here is the row of trees right when you round our corner heading to my dad’s house:


It’s just beautiful.  When you look closely at the white leaves they have a small red cross on them.  They spend most of the summer as green as the grass.  It’s hard to believe something so white can turn into something so green.  But then, in the fall, you can’t believe it can turn so RED.  I should have taken the picture about a week ago but I kept walking by it and not following through (something about so much to do lately that I can’t keep a thought in my head longer than 30 seconds).

Leaf Mosaic

What else do you know of that changes with such ease and such grace on a yearly basis?  It makes me think that as people we should strive for the same; not that we want to change everything about ourselves on a yearly basis but that we can embrace the change with grace and ease.  That we don’t fight what is inevitable and we don’t press against whatever it is God is wanting to do in our lives.  That is why I think it’s the best tree in the world.


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Let’s hope… Making the most…

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  • 1. Tracey  |  November 15, 2009 at 8:08 am

    I think trees were made by God to show us how he moves in seasons in our lives. We think as Christians we should always be fruiting and green green green! But sometimes we have seasons of dormancy where He is alive and moving underneath the surface, stirring up something that is yet to be born in us. It’s the watching of your beautiful tree that will remind you that He is always at work in your life.


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