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November 4, 2009 at 3:28 pm 1 comment

….not so much:

October, 2009 002

Here’s a bit of advice.  When you’re sitting down for a coveted few moments of quiet, you’re settled in comfortably under a soft blanket, the lighting is just right and you’re getting ready to start some hand sewing and your daughter comes in and asks for a project, DON’T BELIEVE THE PACKAGE.

It’s a marketing ploy people, I tell you, a marketing ploy thought up by power business people who don’t spend any time with 6 year olds.  The manufacturers concoct these little kits and we buy them thinking our children will have so much fun.  We look at the age recommendation and notice our child is a good 3 years older than the package indicates and decide it’s a good purchase.  Then the moment arrives.  The moment when it’s opened and you’re dying for it to be as simple as it’s proported to be.  Nope.  You then spend the coveted time reading directions, threading yarn and explaining each step in detail (of course this is after you’ve already completed step one because it’s entirely too difficult for any 9 year old let alone a 6 year old).   So there it is.  My two cents for the day.  Don’t believe the packaging.

In all fairness though, now that the project is complete and hanging from her bedpost it does look quite cute and she is quite proud and it was something we did together….that is the upside of deceptive marketing.


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In honor… Let’s hope…

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  • 1. Tracey  |  November 8, 2009 at 7:37 am

    uh yeah, I totally understand your pain. M got a few “project” type things for her bday and I put them up in her closet for a rainy day. We’ve had a couple of rainy days and she asks for them, oh yes!
    I dread it. It means an hour of prep work and reading directions and doing half of it myself.
    But you’ve encouraged me to spend time with her…so okay, I’ll get them out next time it rains.


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