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They make my….

…heart hurt. 


They look at me and I realize they haven’t changed a bit since the day he was born.  Their long lashes framing his entire eye, their droopy little sides that make them slightly puppy-ish, the way they sparkle.  They just make my heart hurt with love for this boy.


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This and that…

…lots of photos.  Just sharing what life has looked like lately….

We’ll start with a girl with a gun.  I always say she’ll make a great tomboy when she stops loving pink so much.  Seriously, I love that she has brothers and I love that she shoots (after a phone call and a comment I realize, I should explain it is just a BB gun…we don’t let her shoot rifles in the backyard). 

Kaitlynn with a gun

And on the complete opposite side of shooting at things?  Praying.  I love that my boy is the one who reminded everyone it was time to pray before they ran.  They didn’t pray to win, they prayed no one would injure themselves.  He is still completely delicious to me.


Speaking of delicious, check this out.  We went to some friends’ for dinner last weekend.  I think he cooked for 3 days.  It was crazy delicious.  This is what we got for dessert.  That’s right, chocolate souffle.  A super special treat as I have been watching what I eat (I’ve lost 13 pounds!!).


And then there is this man…have I mentioned he makes my heart happy?


Then there are the chicks of course.  We think we’ve sexed them correctly and yesterday we sold 13 of them.  We’re left with 6.  It made us all a little sad but WOW what an experience for all of us.  Especially these guys….


It may sound silly to you, but it was so fun and peaceful watching them discover the grass, walk as a group and try out their wings.


They really are some beautiful breeds…


Beautiful 2

I think this weekend Kaitlynn and I may work on a mini album of our chicken experience…we’ll see how long I can get her away from that gun.

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Snapshot of living…

…with my boys.

(Scene: I had just come home, was slightly grumpy from a to-do list that was a bit too ambitious for the day and definitely over-hungry and absolutely feeling tired.)

Me: Hey guys, I need help bringing in the groceries; especially the 2 watermelons.

Them:  OK

(Time passes and through open windows giggling and horsing around are heard)

Me:  Why can’t they just pick up the watermelons and walk in the house?  Is it complicated?  Seriously.

Tim:  Because they’re boys.

Me:  Because they’re your boys.

(The door opens, at this point I’ve moved into the laundry room to see if I can catch of glimpse of what they’re doing outside.)

Them:  Mom, come here, look! 

Pregnant Boys

They’re good for me.  They’re very, very good for me.

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