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…days around the homestead since the kids went back to school.  Cross country meets and practices, soccer practice, basketball practice, working in a quiet home without interruption, cooler days…

There are some days, when I’ve typed for 5 hours straight, haven’t gotten out of my PJ’s and am thinking of the errands I should run that it all can seem a little mundane and isolating.  But then I look to my left, my right and behind me (or at my feet serving as a footstool) and there are sleeping companions everywhere.  If I get up, they get up.  Go to the kitchen?  No problem, we’ll lay in here.  Need to fold laundry?  Don’t sweat it, we’ll go to the bedroom and hang out there.  Oh, really?  You’re leaving?  OK, let us walk you to the door.  I am of course talking about my dogs.

The kids make fun of me because I talk to them.  I don’t just say come, sit and stay.  I have conversations.  I reason with them.  I’m telling you they listen and they understand.  But as Alden puts it, “Mom, you’re home alone too much.  You’re talking to the dogs like they’re humans.”  What can I say?  If these faces were looking up at you 24/7, willing to listen (which is more than I can say for most), to love, to adore and willing to follow wouldn’t you talk to them?





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Realizing… Is it bad…

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