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What is the saying?  Winner, winner, chicken dinner?  We hope to be saying that in about 20-21 days.  Here we go again and we’ve been assured this time there were some strong roosters involved.  We’ve got 3 different kinds going.  First up is the White Legorn (if the picture doesn’t show, I’m so sorry, I’ve tried to upload it for 1/2 hour now and for some reason, WordPress just doesn’t like this photo):

(thanks to mypetchicken.com for the photos)


White Leghorns are the chickens you usually eat but they’re also great layers.  I got the eggs from a mother of 6 who lives nearby and raises chickens with her kids.  FUN.  They just got 2 silkies (dad, you can click on that ‘silkies’ and it’ll take you to a picture) and I have to say, if we get the chicken thing down they may be in our future.  At any rate, their eggs are the lighter brown eggs mixed in above.  Next up are the Australorps.


Cute little chick but I must say the hen looks rather ugly.  Should be pretty standing next to the white legorns though….contrast in the coop!  Their eggs are the darker browns you see above.  And finally, the Araucanas. 


I definitely think they are the cutest and they also lay the little greenish eggs you see up top.  I know we’re not raising chickens based on the cute factor, but it doesn’t hurt and the green eggs make me feel so Martha.

Now you may be wondering how in the world we’re going to manage the 30 chicks that will potentially hatch.  Well, we’re told to plan on only 15 hatching and after we pick our 4-6 that will leave many that can go to a friend’s friend who raises chickens or, enterprising young children that I have, sell them on Craigslist.  They actually have a whole scheme ‘hatched’ on how they’ll incubate and sell baby chicks to pay for the chicken feed.  We’re thinking about letting them give it a whirl.

So, say a little prayer and in another 20-21 days we’ll be ready to hatch!


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Sadly… Realizing…

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  • 1. undonegirl  |  September 19, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    That is cute and funny mom thank you for puting that on my favorites love you mommy and im sorry for the arguering with you it is just hard to stop love you Kaitlynn and i bet you all ready know that this is from me just to make shure i tiped my name in love you verry much and i am verry verry sorry for the arguing.


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