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Word is….


Eggs are ready

…these little eggs will be hatching on Friday and/or Saturday.  They’ve been sitting still doing nothing for almost 21 days now.  Until this morning.  This morning little peeps started and as we go about our normal business we hear little baby peeps coming from inside their shells.  So fun.  We’ve come up with more Bible Chick names but I’ll save that for later.  Until then we’ve got the shavings ready, the baby feed stocked and are camera ready for the hatching to begin!

Word is….

Birthday Girl

…this little girl will turn 9 on Friday.  She is pretty excited the chicks will hatch on her birthday.  Wait until she sees the American Girl doll loot that awaits her.

Word is…

To market

…this little piggy is off to market and not home again, home again, jiggity jig.  It was too funny.  Driving down the freeway.  Had to take the shot.  The kids may not eat pork for a few weeks now.

Word is…

Mom and kids

This Momma and these babies will have to say goodbye to summer break in a mere 6 days.  So.not.ready.    We’ve enjoyed our days, barely left the house and could stand for a few more weeks of it.  But alas, they must be educated so I will pack the lunches, kiss the faces and send them off.

Stay tuned for pictures of babies as they arrive.


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Ready, set…


That could be what I’m saying in an effort to play catch up on this blog, in my house or in my creative endeavors.  It could also be used to describe what this summer has felt like up until this point.  Isn’t it funny how you can go into something with one picture of it and then once you’re in the middle you realize it looks NOTHING like your plans?  God is funny that way.

My relaxing summer has been a whirlwind and all-together NOT relaxing.  But it’s OK, it’s where things are at right now and the kids are happy just the same.  It’s been good…I was able to make some strides with work and it’s paid off nicely.  I’ve been able to dig deeper with God and I’m right where He wants me at this moment.  Lee is staying with us for a few weeks and the kids are soooo happy with that situation; he’s so good to them and so easy to have around that it would be difficult to complain about a long-term houseguest.

We’ve left our church.  It’s been a grueling, haneous and not-so-pretty process.  People can act quite ugly…people who you never thought could, can.  Anyway, it was basically a church split and while it’s been excrutiating it has also been very exciting.  There is a rather large group of us meeting here at the house every Wednesday and Sunday.  We worship, fellowship, learn and share visions of ministries God has placed on our hearts.  It appears people that we’re planting a church.  Some are still afraid to call that spade a spade but it’s what we’re doing and it doesn’t freak me out even one little bit.  🙂  We’ll see what God has in store there…

This week we’re off to Mammoth Caves with the kids, horseback riding, some pottery painting and I’ve been promised a Friday night date!  It will be the first since Valentine’s Day so I’m very much looking forward to that.  But catch-up blog postings aren’t all that exciting without a good story to tell.  It starts off very sad but even that has been turned around quickly and we’re all really excited.

OK, remember these sweet girls:


Well, the flew the coop.  The literally flew the coop.  One day while I was working on some laundry Kaitlynn came running in and said, “Mom, this is reeeeeeaaallllllly bad.  Are you ready?”  (Right about here is where we Mom’s are hedging on what is drama and what is really, truly bad)  I told her ‘yes.’  She told me the girls were not in their coop.  I thought maybe they were hiding in a corner, a bush or underneath their roosts but no, they were not in the coop.  Then I saw Ruth.  She was in the grass and not moving, at all.  As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even see her head.  I thought some zombie chicken had come and killed her, eaten her brain and left again.  I later found her head tucked under her body.  I’ll spare you all the details but none of the girls survived.  It was handled fairly well by the kids until later that night at the drive-in when all of the sudden the tears started flowing and reality set in.  The Bible Chicks were gone. 

With church being at our house it was only a short while until news spread and everyone knew what happened.  But you know what?  Our little church has experience with chickens.  As a matter of fact, one man grew up on a chicken farm, raised 9000 chickens at a time.  Another had 250 chickens of his own until about 2 years ago and yet another has a brother with a working chicken farm now.  It took all of 10 minutes for these men to hatch (no pun intended) an idea for my kids.  One had an incubator, another had a brother with plenty of fertilized eggs and another had the know-how to help figure out how to put a roof on our coop (it has taken my dad, Tim and many others to even come up with a plan).  Now we have this at our house:


It’s an egg incubator and inside are 24 little fertilized eggs.  They tilt from side to side and they’re warm and on August 1st these


should start hatching and when they’re grown they’ll turn into these:

Pretty little things, aren’t they?  So we are missing our girls and we are sad they died but we are happy for the opportunity for our kids to hatch 24 eggs and raise them for a while.  We’ll keep some and send the rest back to the chicken farm their eggs came from.  We’ll also continue to count our blessings that we have friends who love our children enough to come up with a plan and help us execute it.

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Having one of those…

…times when there is so much inside but the words just won’t come.  I’m not sure if it’s because it is so deeply personal that I just don’t know how to express it / want to put it out there on the internet or if I just haven’t finished my mulling over process.  But there is a definite shift going on inside.  A definite feeling of nothing from this day forward will be the same as the days behind. 

The shift involves a lot of change and a lot of responsibility but in very good ways.  It’s just that shifts are disruptive and they’re taxing as you try to wrap your emotions and your life around them.  For me there is a lot of excitement (mixed with nerves in the tummy) but the way things come about are often so painful.  I’ve witnessed a lot of collateral damage in recent weeks.  A lot of pain and a lot of turmoil in the people that I love.  But I’ve also seen the hand of God move so deliberately and so precisely to meet their needs and minister to my heart as well. 

Last night as friends were praying for me one said, “I feel like I don’t want to pray for strength for you because that is what you’ve functioned in for so long and I know you want to abandon that.  But I also hear the Lord telling me to pray for strength for you because this will pass and you will need it for the things He has planned for you.”  This is a friend I trust hears the voice of God and her words ring true to me. 

But my word, what do you do with that?  It’s comforting and yet a completely open ended “idea”.  I know my Father doesn’t plan things for my demise so there isn’t fear there (although I think in a bit I will have much to say about fear as I have been dissecting the concept and what God has to say about it), just a bit of excitement for what is in store for me and a few butterflies because it will require something of me.  Will I be strong enough?  Will I believe enough in my ability to hear His voice that I am obedient?  This is really all I care about because ultimately, if I’m going to witness such pain I’d like to see the fruit on the other side.

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