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June 21, 2009 at 1:54 pm 2 comments

…some more answers and a little update?

  1. My braces wearing, cell phone loving girl?  Her parents never called me.  They won’t pick up when I call (that is when you realize caller ID isn’t all it’s cracked up to be).  So, I guess it’s left up to the insurance to deal with them.  The only exception there is that the police served them with a warrant.  They have to go to court because they don’t have insurance and she’ll probably lose her license.  He said I might have to show up if they plead ‘not guilty’.  We’ll see.  It’s too bad because in the end, if they would have just paid our deductible we probably would have moved on and it never would have come ot this.
  2. No termites!  Praise God!  Instead, it was carpenter bees.  They are HUGE bees that look like your stereotypical bumble bee:   

Nice, eh?  The scary part of this is that when you Google ‘carpenter bee’ the first 4 things are “how to stop carpenter bees from destroying your home.”  Niiiice.  I’m so glad I have a brick house.

Now for some new things to excite and delight you:

Here is one of my new loves:

Funnel Cake Pitcher

Quick.  Is it the wine, the blue pitcher or the always empty cookie jar?  It’s the pitcher (wine isn’t new and for some reason that cookie jar is only full about 2 days at a time).  I love this pitcher because it makes these:

Funnel Cake

Funnel cakes.  Aren’t they one of the best guilty pleasures ever?  And yes, I let her eat the whole thing.  I don’t know what got into me.  But yes.  She did sleep that night and did not go into sugar shock.

Now for a not so favorite thing.  Let’s start at the very beginning (why do I want to sing songs from Sound of Music now).  Monday night after a long day of work, cooking dinner, going to Bible study and getting K and T tucked into bed I sat down to watch TV.  I was excited because it had been quite a while since I actually sat down and watched TV without folding laundry, ironing or mending.  The ceiling fan was going, the house was quiet.  I was a happy girl.  I heard a little something so I muted the TV.  It sounded like it was coming from the chimney so I dismissed it as the chickens (they live just outside that wall next to the chimney).  I kept watching.  I heard it again, muted to make sure my theory was correct but it stopped.  I kept watching.  Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving.  It was dark, it was odd and it was in the hurricane vase that sits in the corner of my mantel.  I stood up.  I wasn’t panicking and I was very proud of myself.  I stepped closer.  Guess what it was?  A BAT!  Why are only the creepy animals making it in?  Why only the dead and very creepy animals?  I’m not saying I want a fox in my living room but at least it wouldn’t seem like the devil sent it in there!


Bat 2

Needless to say all pride I had in myself for walking towards it went right out the window as I ran up the stairs, woke Tim up and made him come take care of the situation.

Now here is something that combines pride and a new love.  For the past 3 summers we’ve gone canoeing.  It is official.  Our family loves canoeing and will be purchasing canoes with Christmas money this year.  There is something about being out there and just observing everything in the complete quiet.  The kids are even quiet except for when we take breaks and swim or when we found an AMAZING rope swing.  Someone had even propped a ladder there to climb up to it from the river.  What a ball!  We only saw 2 other boats that day so we stayed here a loooong time.  Why pride in this?  Because I went.  I didn’t sit there and take pictures and only enjoy watching my children jump, I jumped.  And when I got up there, I was scurred.  It was high and long but I did it.  It was fun.  I’ll exclude that picture though because well, I’m in a swimsuit and I just don’t think the internet needs to have that on there.

Canoes 2

Rope Swing

Rope Swing2

One of the lovely things about days like this is the ride home is always just as mellow as the paddle down the river:


One of the bad things is you sit behind your first baby and realize how big he is getting.  How much his body is changing and that it is true, no matter how much you try to shove it to the back of your mind, he will be 13 on Tuesday.


And then you get home and the next day when you are finally not thinking about it your daughter walks in from the pool and says, “Mommy, puber+y sure did hit me fast.”  And your whole life flashes before your eyes:



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Let’s play… He did it…

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. DeAnna  |  June 23, 2009 at 12:59 am

    The bat is gross, the canoeing is cool, the pic behind Powell is a great pic but my fave is the glass of red wine behind the funnel cake pitcher!

  • 2. gretchen owens  |  June 24, 2009 at 3:36 am

    i laughed out loud when i say that photo of K and her boobs! too funny!

    i can’t believe you had a bat in the house…how in the world?

    i really can’t wait to eat one of those handmade, one of the kind, tennessee….funnel cakes! it made my mouth water!!!


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