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He did it…

…he turned 13 today.


While that and all that comes along with it, like being taller than his mother and the deepening of his voice astounds me, so does this:

  • 13 years ago at this very minute I was 30 hours into labor with only 6 more to go.  It was my first baby and I didn’t know much but I knew I was doing something important.
  • It’s a little freaky to live with someone so similar to yourself.
  • When he sleeps, his face still looks exactly the way it did when he was a baby and it freezes me rendering it impossible for me to move from wherever I am for at least 10 minutes.
  • The peace this boy brings to me is unmeasurable.  There is something about his presence that calms me.
  • In 5 years I’ll be packing him up for college.
  • In 3 years I’ll be taking him to get his driver’s license.
  • In the past 13 years he has brightened our days, filled our home with laughter and grown into a wonderful older brother.
  • As a child, Powell is nothing that I expected but everything I always wanted.

So happy birthday my first-born baby.  May God bless you in your 13th year, keep you safe and fill your life with a contentedness that always follows you.


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Ready for…

…some more answers and a little update?

  1. My braces wearing, cell phone loving girl?  Her parents never called me.  They won’t pick up when I call (that is when you realize caller ID isn’t all it’s cracked up to be).  So, I guess it’s left up to the insurance to deal with them.  The only exception there is that the police served them with a warrant.  They have to go to court because they don’t have insurance and she’ll probably lose her license.  He said I might have to show up if they plead ‘not guilty’.  We’ll see.  It’s too bad because in the end, if they would have just paid our deductible we probably would have moved on and it never would have come ot this.
  2. No termites!  Praise God!  Instead, it was carpenter bees.  They are HUGE bees that look like your stereotypical bumble bee:   

Nice, eh?  The scary part of this is that when you Google ‘carpenter bee’ the first 4 things are “how to stop carpenter bees from destroying your home.”  Niiiice.  I’m so glad I have a brick house.

Now for some new things to excite and delight you:

Here is one of my new loves:

Funnel Cake Pitcher

Quick.  Is it the wine, the blue pitcher or the always empty cookie jar?  It’s the pitcher (wine isn’t new and for some reason that cookie jar is only full about 2 days at a time).  I love this pitcher because it makes these:

Funnel Cake

Funnel cakes.  Aren’t they one of the best guilty pleasures ever?  And yes, I let her eat the whole thing.  I don’t know what got into me.  But yes.  She did sleep that night and did not go into sugar shock.

Now for a not so favorite thing.  Let’s start at the very beginning (why do I want to sing songs from Sound of Music now).  Monday night after a long day of work, cooking dinner, going to Bible study and getting K and T tucked into bed I sat down to watch TV.  I was excited because it had been quite a while since I actually sat down and watched TV without folding laundry, ironing or mending.  The ceiling fan was going, the house was quiet.  I was a happy girl.  I heard a little something so I muted the TV.  It sounded like it was coming from the chimney so I dismissed it as the chickens (they live just outside that wall next to the chimney).  I kept watching.  I heard it again, muted to make sure my theory was correct but it stopped.  I kept watching.  Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving.  It was dark, it was odd and it was in the hurricane vase that sits in the corner of my mantel.  I stood up.  I wasn’t panicking and I was very proud of myself.  I stepped closer.  Guess what it was?  A BAT!  Why are only the creepy animals making it in?  Why only the dead and very creepy animals?  I’m not saying I want a fox in my living room but at least it wouldn’t seem like the devil sent it in there!


Bat 2

Needless to say all pride I had in myself for walking towards it went right out the window as I ran up the stairs, woke Tim up and made him come take care of the situation.

Now here is something that combines pride and a new love.  For the past 3 summers we’ve gone canoeing.  It is official.  Our family loves canoeing and will be purchasing canoes with Christmas money this year.  There is something about being out there and just observing everything in the complete quiet.  The kids are even quiet except for when we take breaks and swim or when we found an AMAZING rope swing.  Someone had even propped a ladder there to climb up to it from the river.  What a ball!  We only saw 2 other boats that day so we stayed here a loooong time.  Why pride in this?  Because I went.  I didn’t sit there and take pictures and only enjoy watching my children jump, I jumped.  And when I got up there, I was scurred.  It was high and long but I did it.  It was fun.  I’ll exclude that picture though because well, I’m in a swimsuit and I just don’t think the internet needs to have that on there.

Canoes 2

Rope Swing

Rope Swing2

One of the lovely things about days like this is the ride home is always just as mellow as the paddle down the river:


One of the bad things is you sit behind your first baby and realize how big he is getting.  How much his body is changing and that it is true, no matter how much you try to shove it to the back of your mind, he will be 13 on Tuesday.


And then you get home and the next day when you are finally not thinking about it your daughter walks in from the pool and says, “Mommy, puber+y sure did hit me fast.”  And your whole life flashes before your eyes:


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Let’s play…

….a game.  There aren’t any prizes other than the satisfaction of knowing you did well.  But shouldn’t that be prize in itself?

Question Number One:

What is this:

Woodpecker Damage

A.  The spot where we stored all the wood for the winter which is now used up?

B.  An unfortunate incident involving an ax and one of my children.

C.  The remnants of what 2 very naughty woodpeckers did to a deck rail.

If you answered C, you are correct.  These were the strangest looking birds I’ve ever seen, I would have snapped a picture but it was 6 am and I just wasn’t that fast yet.  This is the closest picture I could find but I promise you, this isn’t the exact bird.  I also promise you they were large, the size of a bantem hen.  The birds we saw had yellow feathers coming out the top of it’s head…they were a cross between a pteredactyl and a dodo bird.  Think Kevin from UP if you’ve seen that movie.


So what does one do when naughty woodpeckers invade their decking?  Well first you call pest control to make sure you don’t have termites.  Then when you think about putting red pepper in the HUGE hole they’ve created (because they kept coming back) you realize birds don’t have taste buds and therefore, red pepper won’t bug them.  So then you go in the garage and find an old bath mat and you do this, squint your eyes and hope for the best when the bug man comes a calling Monday morning.

Woodpecker Solution

Question Number Two:

What is this:

Old Umbrella

A.  An  old umbrella used poolside to keep you shaded when not swimming.

B.  A cheap umbrella that blew into the pool and ended up at the bottom during a freak, unexpected summer storm that aren’t uncommon in Tennessee that was then hauled up with all your might while trying not to fall into the pool.

C.  All of the above.

If you answered C, you are correct.  It was a crazy storm.  A sunny one minute and can’t see 12 inches in front of your face the next minute storm.  A blow the power out storm.  A HOLY COW LOOK AT THAT storm.  It gave my kids the opportunity to earn extra allowance though because it created a lot of limb/stick pick up and re-potting of things that blew over.  As for our beloved little umbrella.  Well, after putting it back together multiple times, this was our solution:

New Umbrella

Thank goodness for all those extra hours of work lately.

Question Number Three:

What is this:


A.  An unfortunate accident with unloading the new umbrella.  A smack down of sorts with a metal pole and my bumper.  Who knew umbrella poles could be so heavy?

B.  Nothing new…it’s been there for years.

C.  The result of one cell-phone talking, braces-wearing teenage girl who rear ended me driving home from church.

If you answered C, you’re right.  She was busy.  She was self-admittedly looking at her cell phone.  She didn’t see the red light.  We were dead stopped.  She was full speed.  Thank you God that the damage isn’t much worse because guess what?  She’s a minor so the police wouldn’t give me any information on her (don’t you think if you’re old enough to drive and run into somebody the privacy of being a minor should be waived), her parents haven’t called me yet and I don’t think they’re insured.  Thank you USAA for saying you’d handle it for me.  Sic ’em!  But in the meantime, here is our solution to this little problem:

What can you do

It’s to adopt a “What can you do?” attitude.  I’ve got it.  It’s nice.  It’s makes the stress go away.

I’ll give you one more, a Bonus Question so-to-speak.  What is this:


I won’t even make you guess.  I’ll just tell you.  It’s my daughter’s very sweet attempt to make coffee for her daddy.

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Yes, it has…

….been a while for me not to post.  I wish I could say that was because we are off doing fabulous Summer things but right now the truth is we’ve just flat been busy with life.  The fun stuff is just around the corner though!  Canoe trip next week, water slide park the week after…I’ve been blessed.  Work has gotten super busy so now the extra cash appears and we get to feel a little more like we can spend some. 

The dead critter count is up.  2 more moles and a lizard.  (sigh)  What am I to do?  I guess I can’t complain too much.  My neighbor’s dogs escape on a daily basis…daily.basis.  One of them busts them out of their kennel and then they split up.  Ivy braves the invisible fence shock and then scales the 8′ fence for her freedom and Sparticus just digs like crazy until he can crawl underneath.  Poor neighbors.  Bricks line the bottom of their fence line in an attempt to keep their dogs in.  So, like I said, maybe dead critter gifts aren’t so bad.

Powell has gone camping already and only one tick!  yay!  This is much improved from the 6 he was sporting last year when he came home from the same camping spot.  I know, I know, even one tick can make him sick but I figure this is success because he stands a much smaller chance of getting sick from 1 than he does from 6.  My Powell is huge.  To me, he is huge.  The shoulders are spread, the voice has gone deeper, he can curl his fingers over mine and I give him 2 weeks until he passes the hairline of height I still have on him.

So that is about it.  Working, enjoying each other’s company, looking forward to day trips, finding dead critters at home, searching for escaped critters next door and thinking I need to get creative again SOON.

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