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April 4, 2009 at 8:05 pm 1 comment

…vent!  I can’t believe I’m saying this because it sounds like such a fuddy duddy, old person thing to say but….what is the world coming to?  I guess on the one hand I did spend quite a tranquil, Mayberry kind of day most of the day today.  We woke up early, got Tim off to work and sat around the table eating homemade cinnamon struesel muffins for breakfast.  After that we all loaded up into the van to attend the various events planned for the morning.  A soccer game for Alden, Easter in the Park with our church for all of us.  Powell was in two skits…hilarious…., Kaitlynn danced, I ran the Pick-a-Duck game for all the little kids.  Then Kaitlynn went home with some friends and the boys and I went to get them a shake just because.  After that I came home to make invitations for the women’s luncheon we’re having at the church.  A Mayberry-esque day, no?

Well, one might think so.  But try as I might to live in my bubble and not let the outside world bust in —it was all in vain.  You see, when I went looking for a cute little black flower to include on the ticket my search pulled up all kinds of free clipart.  I had thousands to choose from.  But then right there, on page 4 of 22 was a woman…well to keep it nice…on her bed.  Two pictures after her was a woman catching…there is no way to keep this nice so I just won’t describe it.  Let’s just say it’s no anything that anyone should ever photograph. 

My point is the old person, fuddy duddy way of saying, what has the world come to?  These young women in the photos…seriously?  I know as a society we’ve fallen far away from the ways of the Lord.  That has broken my heart before.  But this broke it all over again.  Forget the fact that I was just trying to go about my Mayberry-esque day and create something that would be used to minister to people.  Lets focus on the fact that these young women have put themselves in this position.  What has gone wrong?  Why do they feel so under valued that the choice to photograph these things and post them on the internet was made?  So maybe they didn’t post them…benefit of the doubt….they still obliged the photo be taken. 

Thank goodness my children had all walked away from the computer because it was taking me too long.  Thank goodness because even though the world may have come to this, I’m not ready for my children to know it.


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  • 1. gretchen owens  |  April 7, 2009 at 1:47 am

    living in a bubble is fun…only until it bursts…you crack me up with your mayberry day…you are funny.


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