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Not about…

…chickens this time.  I know, unusual as of late.  But don’t worry, a chicken post comes tomorrow because I promised myself I would document it every Thursday until they are grown.  Besides, Tim is outside right now working on their enclosure.  They’re going to love it.  It means grass and pecking whenever they want and I guarantee the view is better than that of the garage.

But enough of the chickens!  Onto better and bigger things.  Here are the things I’m grateful for lately:

1.  A husband who is satisfied and loving his job again.  It’s been a long run of dissatisfaction so this is welcome, a blessing and certainly a very good thing.


2.  A boy who has been making so many good decisions lately.  A boy who has really worked on weeding things out of his own little life that make it difficult for him to obey and be happy.  A boy that through those choices is again happy and obedient.  A boy I am so proud of.


3.  Another boy who has found a ministry.  At almost 13 years old he wanted a ministry and now he has a ministry.  I am so grateful for a church that sees his heart and allows him to serve.  His new charges are the soundboard for children’s church and mastering this guy.  He’s a puppet who Powell has mastered movement and personality with.  His name is Leonard.  He is confused and doesn’t know who he is.  He thinks he’s a chicken one day and then the next idea comes and he thinks he may be that.  Now there is a character that will be able to be used in many ways to minister to the children.


4.  A girl who is happy.  Who faces her struggles but remains happy to her little core.  She is, in her heart of hearts, a servant.  Not many people are truly servants, willing to give and not get back, willing to help in whatever way they can.  This girl is and it will in return serve her very well.


5.  She is also served well by this boy and I am blessed beyond belief whenever I capture a moment like this between the two of them.


6.  I know, it’s getting long, but stick with me because there is a lot to be grateful for.  Like realizing that this is the year you no longer have to supervise your oldest baby while he mows the grass (forget about the blessing that is to Dad when he pulls up and both yards are done without him expecting it).  If my babies have to grow up, I’m glad they’re growing into this.


7.  I’m also grateful for re-discovered old friends after a long, cold Winter.  Friends like Mr. Tree Swing.


8.  And Mr. Swimming Pool.


9.  Oh, and don’t forget my friend, Mr. Keith Urban.  He may not know it yet, but he is my friend.  Someday he’ll understand.  In the meantime, I’ll settle for looking forward to the next time I know I’ll see him in person.



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If I were a chicken…

…I think I’d like to be Mary. 


She has a sweet disposition.  She is the cuddly chicken.  She is the chicken that gets along with both the others and she loves to sleep.  Yes, there is the drooling issue, but I think if I were a chicken I wouldn’t care so much.  Unless of course I was a chicken like Esther.


Esther seems to know her business.  She seems to know everyone else’s business too.  She’s more aloof, always kind of off to the side from the other two but definitely not unaware.  I think she’s the alpha chicken….maybe more like the Alpha/Momma chicken.  She definitely keeps her eyes on things (Momma) but doesn’t really want to interact or cuddle with the others all the time (Alpha).  Now Ruth?  Ruth is the party girl.


Ruth is happy to do whatever the others feel is necessary.  She especially loves Mary because Mary will play with her, sleep with her, peck the ground with her.  Ruth is the flexible chicken, the follower, the one I’d worry about cracking under pressure and using drugs in high school if she were my child.  Fortunately I’m not too worried about my real kids though.


The way I figure it they’re going to be so busy cleaning up chicken poop and gathering eggs they won’t have time to do anything else.  For those of you keeping up with the size change….here’s the comparison picture.


And for those of you….ahem, Tricia….who think it’s funny to call our Bible Chicks ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’….here is your breast meat.  Nice, white, organic chicken breast.


We have several other signs of Spring around here too.  Like the baby birds that always nest in our front yard.  There are others all over the backyard but these little guys are the only ones we can reach and snap photos of.  Count it as clutch #1 of the year for this particular nest.  We usually get 3 or 4 (Fran, close your eyes).


There are 3 of them.  All lined up in a row.  Love ’em.

There are also things blooming all over my yard!  This is just the front yard.  I’ll take you on a photo tour of the back yard in another post.  Always the first sign of Spring….the dogwood…right outside my scrap room and from Powell’s room he looks down on the canopy.


And here are our two pieces of California.  A rose bush from the lovely DeAnna and Tricia and a Janapanese Maple that doesn’t grow super easily around here but we had to do it.  We’re doing well with it.  We had one in California and LOVED it so it deemed a repeat performance here.  The rose bush is supposed to be super fragrant which will be lovely because it’s just under my laundry room window so I’m sure when I open it up, it will smell up the room beautifully not to mention it’s right on the path outside that we all walk several times a day.



And here are just some of the beautiful, vibrant colors that are adorning the front and side of my home right now.  I love them.  It’s always a good thing to add a little color to one’s life.





So there you go, a photo heavy post for sure but that is what happens when it finally warms up around these parts and I don’t blog in a week’s time.  Besides, I saved you from all the beautiful hostas and day lilies that have also popped up.  Oh, and don’t get me started on the hydrangeas and gardenias and calla lilies in the backyard!  We could be here all day.

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More on the…

…Bible Chicks.  I thought it would be fun to track the little girlies each week until they are full-grown.  The kids have been doing such a fantastic job taking care of them.  Everyday, without asking, they feed, water and clean up all the poop.  I must say so far, so good.  They are still living in the garage as it’s been quite cold here this week.  A couple of nights we’ve even turned on a space heater for them in addition to their light that is on all the time.

They are still living up to their original personalities but as you can see…they’re starting to get grown-up chicken heads and spots on their wings.


They also will still huddle all together 24/7.  Oh, and did I mention that they still sleep ALL THE TIME.  They’ll even take their break from the coop out in the sunshine to just lay down and go to sleep.  One would think the lazy life of a chicken would allow enough energy reserves to allow them to stay awake longer than 10 minutes at a time.


And finally, they still make the kids just as happy as they were on the first day.


So I’m off now.  Big night.  Gotta get to soccer practice, finish the dragon float for a school project that’s due tomorrow and start Tim on some medicine!  But the sun is shining, the chicks are peeping and I still love to listen to it!

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OK, so remember…

…last week when I complained that I didn’t know what the world was coming to?  Well, I just have to say that today I am glad that there are people like this left in the world.  I stumbled across this and just think it’s great (forget the fact that this is the song I hum to myself pretty regularly and the fact that The Sound of Music was my favorite as child).  I think it’s great that someone had the idea and creativity to put it all together (Oh and to be the first man who busts out with a move….what fun that would be).  I think it’s great because you know all the people who were there to see it in person….well, it probably just MADE their day!  I know it made me smile.

(p.s….my favorite reaction is the lady who puts her hands to her face when the children come out)

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…Mary, Esther and Ruth.  The Bible Chicks. 


Yes, the kids named them (and I think it’s hysterical).  They really wanted to have The Bible Chicks.  Did I mention that I think that’s hysterical?  They are sweet little things though and for now I’m ignoring the fact that they will grow into large, somewhat ugly creatures that poop a lot.  I am focusing on the cute, on the peeping that I hear constantly and on the eggs that will be fresh and delicious.  Would you like some details?  (I tried to get individual pictures but I just couldn’t so for now we’ll have to deal with what I’ve got).


These little girls sleep a LOT.  They sleep pretty much constantly.  The funny part is that Mary belongs to Alden.  Alden drools in his sleep (I had permission to write that).  Mary drools in her sleep.  Alden is known as our “and then….” kid and every night when I tuck him in he always has something else to tell me as I shut the door.   Mary peeps when she sleeps.  It’s true!  She’s a sleep talker.  Alden thinks she’s saying, ‘and then….”

Esther is Powell’s chick.  She asserts her authority whenever she can.  She also seems to poop the most so he refers to her as the juvenile deliquent.  We think it’s funny that she asserts her authority and herds the other two because well, Powell is the oldest and he tends to herd his younger siblings for us.

Ruth is Kaitlynn’s chick.  She eats the most and pecks at everything.  Again this is funny because Kaitlynn eats the most of our 3 babes and well, pecking at everything?  I’ll let you figure that part out, let’s just say it’s quite appropro.

In the end, the Bible Chicks have made quite an entrance into our family.  When they’re bigger girls we’ll move them outside to their coop and wait for our eggs.   For now, they live in their nursery in the garage.   They obviously don’t lay eggs yet but their little peeps are heard throughout the downstairs and they make us happy.


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Need to…

…vent!  I can’t believe I’m saying this because it sounds like such a fuddy duddy, old person thing to say but….what is the world coming to?  I guess on the one hand I did spend quite a tranquil, Mayberry kind of day most of the day today.  We woke up early, got Tim off to work and sat around the table eating homemade cinnamon struesel muffins for breakfast.  After that we all loaded up into the van to attend the various events planned for the morning.  A soccer game for Alden, Easter in the Park with our church for all of us.  Powell was in two skits…hilarious…., Kaitlynn danced, I ran the Pick-a-Duck game for all the little kids.  Then Kaitlynn went home with some friends and the boys and I went to get them a shake just because.  After that I came home to make invitations for the women’s luncheon we’re having at the church.  A Mayberry-esque day, no?

Well, one might think so.  But try as I might to live in my bubble and not let the outside world bust in —it was all in vain.  You see, when I went looking for a cute little black flower to include on the ticket my search pulled up all kinds of free clipart.  I had thousands to choose from.  But then right there, on page 4 of 22 was a woman…well to keep it nice…on her bed.  Two pictures after her was a woman catching…there is no way to keep this nice so I just won’t describe it.  Let’s just say it’s no anything that anyone should ever photograph. 

My point is the old person, fuddy duddy way of saying, what has the world come to?  These young women in the photos…seriously?  I know as a society we’ve fallen far away from the ways of the Lord.  That has broken my heart before.  But this broke it all over again.  Forget the fact that I was just trying to go about my Mayberry-esque day and create something that would be used to minister to people.  Lets focus on the fact that these young women have put themselves in this position.  What has gone wrong?  Why do they feel so under valued that the choice to photograph these things and post them on the internet was made?  So maybe they didn’t post them…benefit of the doubt….they still obliged the photo be taken. 

Thank goodness my children had all walked away from the computer because it was taking me too long.  Thank goodness because even though the world may have come to this, I’m not ready for my children to know it.

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