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This is a photo heavy post.  I’ll start off with a picture that I get to see everyday right now, LIVE and in person.  It is the block just after my street, the block between my house and my parents’ house.  I never get used to seeing it at this time of year…it’s that beautiful and I look forward to it all Winter.


OK, so now for a little story I made up in my head.  We’ll do this ala Pioneer Woman style.  Let me warn you though, while I may have made this up in my head I am probably frighteningly close to what actually happened.  It all started during Alden’s soccer game on Saturday.

K: “Come on Powell, please, I want to play.  I promise I won’t complain.”



P: “OK, if you can pick me up off the ground I’ll play with you.”



K: “See!  I told you it would be fun!”



P: “What happened to you?  You better not complain or I’m not playing anymore.”



P: “Here, I’ll help you up since you only weigh about a pound with your chicken legs.”



P: “OK now, don’t be a spaz and fall again.  Just play and watch where your going.  Did you even notice your shoe is untied?”



P:  “Uh-oh!  Did I just knock you down or did you fall on your own again?”



P:  “Are you OK?”

K:  “Yes, it hit my glasses.  Now my nose hurts.”



P:  “You’re fine.  Look, I can poke everything and it isn’t killing you.  Get up.”



P:  “Here Genius, how many fingers am I holding up?”



P:  “OK, good for you.  You’re fine.  Now leave me alone and when someone goes to high-five you with an open hand, you don’t fist bump them.”



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I do still scrapbook!  It’s true, it’s true.  I really do.  It just takes me a while sometimes to get to the sitting down and actually DOING it.  Here is what Friday night gave me:



I did the bulk of things Friday night but then on Saturday morning I couldn’t handle it so I pulled out the sewing machine and the black pen and did a little more!  Now I’m off to get my Project 365 up-to-date since I actually have the kit in my hands.

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It was…

…a GOOD day. My birthday, that is. It started when I woke up to 40 pink flamingos, wings a flappin’ in the wind, on my front lawn with a HUGE sign.


That Gretchen is a sneaky one.  Then I stumbled up to my computer to finish one quick thing for work and discovered a blogroll that four lovely ladies did just for me!  It was fun and made me even more excited for our trip at the end of the month!  As if that wasn’t enough, the computer held one more surprise for me: the Project 365 kit that I ordered on January 1st is finally shipping!  THAT was a birthday present!  The rest of the day was spent with my hubby enjoying having him all to myself and eating yummy food at the Cheesecake Factory (we ended up skipping dinner after that indulgence).  Later in the evening was my party:


I wish my words could do the day justice.  Basically, it was really good.  The weather was warm, the pace was mellow and I just really enjoyed myself.   Actually, Saturday was good too.  More warm weather, Tim off work, Alden’s soccer game, the Spring Festival at K and A’s school and then Tim made carnitas for dinner.  They seemed to agree quite well with Ricardo, our new and fourth child:


Now I am working on Thank You cards (trying to decide on making them versus not making them and therefore getting them done quicker) and other fun little things for the Louisville trip….which I’m looking even more forward to now that DeAnna sent me her flight itinerary.  I’d post it here but there might be some strange stalker person that sees it and then does ugly things to my beautiful friend based upon her flight intinerary.  You just have to trust me that she sent it and she’s coming and it’s official!

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This is what…

…I want.  When I think about turning 40 I realize how much better I know myself than when I turned 30.  I think about how much my priorities have changed and how quickly the time passes.  I think about what I want to accomplish in my 40’s in terms of the life I want to lead.  I want it simple.  I want it honest.  I want it passionate.  But more than anything I want to live my life in a way that when I’m gone people will say, “Now that was a woman of God!”  Years ago I fell in love with this song and said, “that is how I want to live my life.”  Today, it’s still true.

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I’ve been…

…doing some thinking.  I know, big surprise, and you may even be thinking….”here we go….”  🙂

I know that I haven’t done a weigh-in Wednesday in a while.  I was taking the time to really mull over how I wanted to handle this whole weight issue from this point forward in my life and I really didn’t want to comment on it again until I had it mostly figured out.  Here is the deal: for whatever reason my body doesn’t cooperate with this process right  now.  Maybe it’s the thyroid, maybe it’s the age (I honestly think I may be slightly peri-menopausal) or maybe I’m fooling myself and I’m really not doing as well as I think I am.  Maybe I’m not sweating hard enough.  The bottom line is I’ve come to this conclusion: I will lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoy that life and my weight will be what it will be.  I don’t like the size of my tummy or my upper arms right now but the fact of the matter is, I’m not obese.  I’m not even what a lot of people would call overweight.  I just don’t like my trouble areas right now.  But if I choose to continue exercising and eating well my body will eventually catch up to itself.  I’m healthy.  My cardiac panels, cholesterol and blood pressure are “that of someone in their 20’s” according to my doctor.  Overweight, unhealthy people don’t have low blood pressure and low cholesterol.  So this is me, easing up on myself and committing to continuing a healthy lifestyle that includes embracing the body that I have right now, the body that is working for me and not falling apart.

Next on my thought list is the whole turning 40 thing.  I’ve never been afraid of 40 and tomorrow, when I can say that I am officially 40 it will not freak me out.  But there are two things I’ve been really aware of this week as I approach my birthday.  The first is that a year ago, the plan was to be in Hawaii tomorrow with friends and family and a big celebration vacation.  Well, people don’t get paid, the economy suffers and husbands get ill so it’s obvious that wasn’t in the Father’s plan for my birthday.  But there is a birthday blessing nonetheless. 

You see, my husband is throwing me a party tomorrow night.  He invited people to come and each and every one of them said ‘yes’ except for 2 who are on a missions trip in Panama.  It almost makes me cry.  It’s the first time since we moved here 3 1/2 years ago that I feel like I’m building a life here.  I’ve known that I had made a good friend and was building a life for my children and that my husband was building several (hee) with his jobs but I didn’t feel like I had anything that was really mine…a ministry, a circle of friends, a job.  Yes, I have a job but it’s virtual and no one else in Tennessee even works for the company.  Now ministry is starting to be put back into my lap and people are starting to recognize me as their friend and not just the ‘new girl’ from California.  It is a blessing.  As much as the introvert in me doesn’t want constant social interaction it is nice to know that you are loved and a support system is closer than across the country.

Also on the birthday thinking list?  Well, maybe I should save it for another post.  This one is long already and I don’t want to bore you or tire you out!  But I promise, I’ll write it now and then I’ll post it tomorrow!

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