God said…

February 10, 2009 at 3:03 pm 3 comments

…”Get up.”  It’s true.  When the world said that something wasn’t possible, God said “Get up.”  He said it to the lame man whose friends lowered him down to Jesus through a roof.  He said it to Joseph when he was thrown in prison after being falsely accused.  He said it to Lazarus after he had died. 

GET UP.”  I think it sounded/sounds like that when God tells us to get up.  I don’t think he said, “uh, excuse me, can you please get up?”  I think He says, “GET UP.”  See, I think God has a right to be frustrated with us sometimes when we’re laying on the ground being defeated because He’s given us His word.  He’s told us what the truth is, what is our’s and where we belong so laying on the ground being defeated is laying on the ground in our own stupidity.  Seeing as we’re created in God’s image and He ain’t stupid, I think He has a right to be frustrated when we act stupid.

I’ve been laying on the ground lately.  I’ve been crawling and scratching and trying to get up, but I’ve been knocked down repeatedly so I was starting to think about just laying there for a while.  That was when I heard, “GET UP.”  So I started to.  I started to fight the way I know how to fight, in the spiritual, giving the devil a big ol’ black eye and reminding him who I am and who he is.  Then I felt tired.  I felt like I just didn’t want to do it anymore.  I felt like enough is enough.  I thought about laying down.  “GET UP.”  (sigh)  I said, “Lord, I can’t.  I’m tired.  It’s been too long.  Can’t you just make this all go away and restore me and then I’ll get up?”  “GET UP.”

So I did.  I got up again.  I am exhausted and I’m so over it, but I’ve gotten up.  “Take vengeance on him, Jill.  Take your vengeance.”  That confused me.  I knew what it meant but I didn’t feel like I was angry enough for vengeance.  Then I remembered a song we sing in church, “I’m reaping the harvest God promised me, take back what the devil stole from me and I rejoice today, for I shall recover it all.”

Now I get it.  I have fallen asleep.  I have allowed myself to believe that these things happened to me but forgotten to acknowledge that they were part of the enemy’s ploy to exhaust me and put me to sleep.  I have allowed myself to start believing that Tim’s infusions are a way of life for us and to stop really believing they’ll ever go away.  I’ve started to believe that because of Tim’s job and his dedication to that job that I will always feel second.  I started to believe that Kaitlynn is just the way she is and there is nothing I can do to change that.  I almost stopped dreaming for my child.  There are promises God has given me that the devil has stolen.  I’m starting to think vengeance will be mine because now, now I’m angry enough.

So there it is.  I said some very brutal, honest things about where I’m at and it hasn’t been pretty.  I’m pretty sure that there is a part of each of our live’s where God is saying, “GET UP.”  Do you know what part of your life that is?  Are you allowing yourself to be robbed or have you fallen asleep?  Think about it.  Really think about it and when you’re done, GET UP.


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Just in case… Yes…

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  • 1. Tricia Wilson  |  February 10, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    Good for you for getting up! I know it is easy to get exhausted when you are constantly fighting, but at least then you are engaged. I do think it’s okay to lay down at times too. We all need some time of rest. What is important is what comes next. There is a difference between laying down and STAYING down. I am glad to here you are back UP!

  • 2. DeAnna T  |  February 11, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Awesome, Awesome post. I agree with you 100%. The getting up part is so hard but look how we can fight when we stand upright as opposed to laying down. It reminds me of a boxing ring. The way a fighter whens is when the other fighter goes down and doesn’t get up by the count of ten, or by a draw or even worse by throwing in the towel. Cowardly. We (children of God) are not cowards. We are warriors. We have the best defense system in the world. We (I) need to remember that. Take that satan.

  • 3. gretchen owens  |  February 16, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I agree, too! I’m so glad I finally got to reading everyone’s blogs. I’m so glad that you are GETTING UP…you are a fighter and always have been in my world. Good thing God is always in your corner!

    Thanks for checking on me. I don’t think I need an intervention. I think I need a clean house, kids that behave and…I don’t know.


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