The one where…

January 7, 2009 at 5:26 pm 6 comments

…I talk about weight.  That’s right.  Weight.  (deep, deep breaths)

About seven years back Tricia and I embarked on a get healthy journey.  We counted points, we diligently worked out five days a week at 5:30 am and we were pretty smokin’ hot mommas.  I remember feeling really good in my body.  I remember picking heavy things up at the store or around the house and it was easy.  I remember running 5k’s knowing that I only have one lung and feeling so proud of myself.  I remember laying on my side sleeping and not caring if Tim spooned me and put his hand on my belly because none of it was hanging down. 

For three years I maintained my weight and my working out and then I adopted my sweet little Kati-cat.  My sweet girl who would freak out if she woke up and I wasn’t in the house.  So I put myself on the back burner (without realizing it) and cut out the 5:30 am workouts.  By then Tricia had moved on so it was easy to get away with not showing up.  I told myself I would go after I got the kids to school in the morning but that rarely happened because other tasks always took priority.  Then I moved across the country and couldn’t find a gym so I stopped trying at all.  Then I got an elliptical and started again but really half-heartedly and not the way I knew I should.  Then my thyroid freaked out on me.  I got put on medication, lost about 15 pounds and then went up and down and up and down while they kept adjusting the dose.  The most recent adjustment equaled 10 pounds in five weeks.  It’s my final dose.

Then I got fed up.

I just came to the realization that I will be forty in less than two months and it won’t get any easier to drop the weight.  It was/is time to get focused.  So I’ve gone back to basics.  I’m doing what I know works.  I’m getting up and working out at 6:30 am while Powell gets ready for school and before Alden and Kaitlynn wake up.  No excuses.  I’m counting my points and using portion control.  After only four days my body and mind already feel so much better.  Every night I feel victorious.  This isn’t a New Years Resolution; it’s just a coincidence that I hit my DONE button right around the first of the year. 

So here’s the deal: I’m doing Weigh-In Wednesdays a la Donna Downey.  I’m putting it out there and being real.  I want the accountability and I need the encouragement because at some point, the numbers will slow down and I’ll probably feel like giving up.

The goal: to be 140 by my 40th birthday.  Now, this will be on March 6th and honestly, if I hit 145 I’ll be super happy.  Really, it just sounds good to say 140 by my 40th.  The doctor says my ideal weight for age, having given birth two times, thyroid, body type, etc. is 140-145 and that I shouldn’t go below 135.  OK, so here goes:

I weighed 160 when I began.  Yep, 160.  The weight I was when I started with Tricia was 162 and that is the biggest I’ve ever been outside of being pregnant or post-labor. 

Today I weigh 156.5.  4.5 pounds in my first week!!  I’m a happy girl.  I’m going to keep going and I’m going to be happy for every pound; even those weeks when it is .5 because my body freaks out and hits a plateau.  Most importantly, I am going to feel better and be healthier.

Now I’m just trying to muster up the courage to hit “Publish” on the sidebar….


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A capable… It’s time…

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  • 1. Tricia Wilson  |  January 8, 2009 at 1:42 am

    Wow, good for you! You know that you can do it because you have done it before. GO JILL!!!

  • 2. gretchen owens  |  January 9, 2009 at 4:11 am

    go jill! i’m here for you!

  • 3. FolsomJen  |  January 9, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Good for you! I am proud of you for putting it out there and for going for it! I am right there with you…but I have one more year before 40 😉

  • 4. Jen  |  January 9, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    yay, Jill!!! you know that i am rooting for you the whole way! 😀 i know that you will be victorious. now i must keep checking in on you so that i can encourage you!!! 😀
    and here is some love from my smiley dude as well–hee! 😀

  • 5. DeAnna  |  January 10, 2009 at 7:04 am

    4.5 your first week? WOWzers. You can do it. I have total faith in you. That is one that thing that is total craziness with you and Tricia you guys lose weight quickly!! And kudos for hitting the publish button.

  • 6. Courtney Walsh  |  January 22, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    I could’ve written your story myself. Did great after Baby #2, went to the gym and really felt great about myself. Then got pregnant with #3 (the last baby) and out of the habit of the gym, bought an elliptical, but it’s not the same. My workout buddy moved away… blahblahblah. You get the idea.

    I’m back too. Have been blogging about it as well. It helps, I think, to know you’re not alone!

    And, well, you aren’t. 🙂


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