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New Years…

….INSPIRATION…I am feeling so inspired.  I have been enjoying my December Daily more than I can tell you and it has inspired me to take on more projects in the coming year.  Here are the three I am really excited about right now.

This is a class that I think looks like so much fun.  I mean, how many ways could you use these things?


I am trying to win entry into this class.  I hope I do!  If you’re interested in learning more about it, check it out here.

I’m also super duper excited about the kit Creating Keepsakes is putting together for the 365 project.  I am definitely planning on splurging on this and doing it!  What fun!  I am ready to take it on!

Finally, definitely doing this: 


It only costs $12 and while I might not do it exactly as Ali has, I will work it out for myself.  I find this girl so, so inspiring…

So, what is inspiring you in the next year?


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‘Tis the season…

…and it really feels like it today which is kind of funny because it’s actually 73 degrees outside and sunny after weeks of frigid, gray weather in the 30’s.  But I think these guys have something to do with it:


This picture was taken mere minutes after getting picked up from school (early) and heading into the restaurant for lunch.  There is something about knowing that for 2 1/2 weeks there is no homework, lots of sleeping in, staying up late and lots of fun in store.  I’m sooo happy they’re home for a while. 

I headed into this season determined to be organized and simplified and I did a good job.  Everything in my possession is wrapped, all handmade gifts are done except for one (I wish I could show you but I would risk ruining some surprises)  and all my shopping is complete.  I had adopted this perspective/method way back in early October because I wanted to really be present (no pun intended) in the season this year….I wanted to enjoy everything it had to offer.  Enter reality and situations others put us in and I was really struggling to get there.  But you know what?  God used even that.  Somehow through the frustrations and complications these situations have placed me in I have been brought to a simpler place. 

It is a place where I’m just happy my kids are home and we have heat and food and a fun puzzle to put together.  I’m glad I have ornaments from my past to enjoy and new ones to give my own children.  I may not have gotten my children scads and scads of gifts, but the few they will get they will love.  So, in the end the things that seemed to be complicating my season were actually bringing me to my goal of simplifying and enjoying my season (my Christmas season and my season of life).  When else will I spend every night for the past 18 nights answering notes my child has left to the elf that lives in our house?  (note: the note is left with saltines and water in case said elf is hungry)


Also spreading some good cheer my way, lunch with this girl on Wednesday:


…and the fact that Alden’s class decided to forego their gift exchange this year and bring in canned goods for a local food closet instead.  See what 21 ten-year olds can do?  It does my heart good.


What else does my heart good?  Knowing that I won’t be sitting in this again until January 6th (the line to pick up Powell at school):


There have been other things helping me this week also.  Like the fact that I finished so many handmade gifts that I love and can’t wait to give away.  Also, yesterday I spent my entire day making these:


 and these:



Oh, and don’t forget more of this….I’m pretty certain there are a couple of packages going out very soon….


The house smelled great to say the least.  Last night, we made our own little smorgasboard for dessert and spent the entire evening just sitting and talking and nibbling.  Yep, ’tis the season.

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I can’t decide…

…if this post should be titled, “Did I Mention My Husband Manages a Fine Dining Restaurant” or “Yep, I’ve Moved to Tennessee and Turned Into a Redneck.”  You see, the red wine right next to the cheese balls is just too much for me to handle; I had to take a picture.


This was the scene when Gretchen and I were working on our December Daily albums.  Because we were so tickled with ourselves, it was nearing midnight and we always think of the rest of you we came up with a little game.  We switched around some items in the picture.  I’ll post them right on top of each other so you cane compare and contrast.  When you’ve found the 5 things that are missing (there might be 6, I can’t remember) give me the list in the comments section (don’t cheat and go there for the answers either).  Then, I’ll choose a  name at random and when I’m doing my holiday baking, I’ll send you off a little package (hopefully that is enticing to you…I know to my friends in California it will be since there are probably truffles and chocolate chip biscotti involved….oh, and gingerbread men).  Meanwhile, keep me in your prayers because I’m either really going to embarrass Tim with my cheese ball and red wine ways or myself next time I visit California talking and acting like a redneck.



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…story number one (as promised even though it would appear no one is reading anyway because apparently everyone in my circle has dropped off the face of the computer earth…I’m just sayin’ people, where’s the love).

A few weeks back Alden came in from playing outside, explaining that he had “fatty goo” in his mouth. 

Tim: What?  Fatty goo?  What is fatty goo?

Alden:  You know, when you’re super tired and you get that thick spit in your mouth.  Fatty goo.  That is what it’s called.

So Tim and I had a chuckle that Alden had named the thick spit in his mouth and we moved on.  Then, a few weeks and many mentions of fatty goo later Tim was playing a video game with Powell.

Powell:  Look Dad, we need to stop for a while and rest.

Tim:  Why?

Powell:  Down there, in the instructions it says that our character has fatty goo.

Tim:  Uh….Powell, are you talking about that right there (pointing to the screen)?

Powell:  Yes.

Tim:  Is that what you and Alden have been referring to when you talk about fatty goo?

Powell:  Yes.

Tim:  Powell, the word is “fatigue.”

(This is where I could also tell you that Kaitlynn said at that moment that she had fatty goo in her mouth and then I responded how I would have fatty goo….meaning fatigue….in my mouth too if I talked as much as her.  But I won’t, I’ll just leave you with a new word for your vocabulary.)

December 5, 2008 at 6:13 pm 5 comments

Loving that…

…I decided to do Ali’s December Daily album.  Gretchen and I got together Saturday  night….sooo much fun….because we knew that if we didn’t get together to do the album ahead of time, neither of us would do it.  It took until Sunday afternoon to complete it and now I am having so much fun filling it all in!  Here are a few sneak peeks (I am going to put more in my gallery at SIS):



In other news, today was a snow day.  (a-hem)  Nope, none.  Not a flake nor a flurry to be found.  So instead, my children improvised and made “snow” angels in the leaves:


Oh well, it made for a fun, unexpected December Daily page.  Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be at school where they belong and I can finish decorating the house!  Definitely be checking back…I have a funny story and a funny game to play…WOW…that will be two more posts this week!  I must be on a roll or something!

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