November 1, 2008 at 8:07 pm 2 comments

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  I typically really don’t like Halloween but this year’s was good.  I think the kids did a GREAT job with their pumpkins; probably the best we’ve ever had.  They had so much fun doing these on Monday night and it was nice to do them a little earlier than usual and enjoy them for longer. 

So Tim and I spent most of the day yesterday running errands and putting together our stall for Trunk or Treat at church.  This year we were the Wizard of Oz.  I’m kicking myself now because I don’t have a picture of the backdrop because it was awesome.  It had the yellow brick road (which we stood on) and then the backdrop was more of the road amongst green hills leading up to the Emerald City castle.  I have never had so many kids and parents want to take their pictures with me; I felt like a character at Disneyland.  I had little girls running up and giving me hugs!  So cute.  Parents were shoving their babies in our arms (two were dressed as lions….too cute) and taking pictures.  It was crazy. 

(And no, I haven’t gained about twenty pounds, the dress was about three sizes too big and had a lot of netting underneath it….let’s just say it was made for somebody with big ho-has and that isn’t me).  Kaitlynn was a flying monkey.

How hysterical is that?  We tried to talk the boys into being the scarecrow and the lion but they are too old now.  They put together stalls with their friends: hippie skaters for Alden and cavemen for Powell:

Yep, Powell got his braces this week.  He also did great as Larry the Cucumber:

But this guy cracked me up.  He is hysterical on a normal day…it’s our friends Jeff and Michelle.  They did a pirate stall and in person, Jeff looked almost exactly like Johnny Depp; I wish the picture showed that.  It was really uncanny.  People couldn’t stop staring at him all night.  He figured out that was a good thing and I think I heard something about him keeping the costume on when he got home to see how Michelle would react.  (bow chicka bow wow)

Our other friends Bart and Sonja were in the stall next to us and he was Pastornaut.  Bart’s really into science and is one of the children’s pastors…it was great.  He had little experiments going on and his booth was so crowded all night.  The color the kids’ “truth serum” turned into determined which mystery box they choose a piece of candy from.  So fun.  Here is Tim messin’ with him:

So this Halloween was good and that made me really happy.  Now I’m off to find some children to draw a name and make some more of this….it seems the little mice I live with and the old mice next door love this stuff and this batch was gone in less than 24 hours!

(I will be having the kids draw a name tonight…sorry it’s a little late….for who wins the prize!  You were all right; tobacco leaves!  I’ll post the winner later.)


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  • 1. DeAnna T  |  November 2, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Cute costumes!! Did you make them? Sounds like you had a really fun night. That is awesome! Now send some caramel popcorn my way would ya?

  • 2. gretchen owens  |  November 3, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    your costumes are AWESOME…so cute! you always do a great job with that. LOVE the flying monkey.

    and i laughed out loud when i read “and the old mice next door”…hilarious!

    i love that stuff, too! what about me? just kidding!


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