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Have to do it…

….I have to give my list of things I’m thankful for.  I wasn’t sure I was going to out of a desire to not be cheesey, but I have to.

  • That I have a God who meets me exactly where I am everytime.  That He isn’t changing and yet is able to reveal more of Himself to me each time I press into Him and seek His face.  That he allows me to ramble all day long to Him; when I’m lonely, when I’m happy, when I’m scared, when I’m frustrated or when I’ve lost something and need Him to show me where it is.  He cares about all the minutia of my life and I’m soooo grateful for that.
  • I am grateful that my husband is well.  He might work a lot causing me to miss him, but he comes home eventually.  He might not be the most verbal communicator, but when he speaks it’s worth listening to.  He is loyal and kindhearted, hardworking, a great dad and still has the best hands I think I’ve ever seen.
  • My children who are healthy and smart and funny.  I am so extremely grateful that people regularly comment on how happy they are.  I don’t remember being a happy child so it blesses me deeply that I am raising happy children.
  • My sisters.  My sisters who will laugh with me and say, “oh, I know” when I get frustrated that I live in a family of cats and want a family of dogs.  (I’ll explain this someday).  Somehow my sisters can always make it better for me.  I guess that is the benefit of being the baby.
  • So grateful Tim and my parents are still with us.
  • My friends.  Near and far.  I have friends who I’ve moved away from that are still as close to my heart as ever.  Friends that know me and love me and pray for me and would get on a plane in 2.2 seconds if I needed them to.  Now I have friends here and they are making this place feel more and more like home.
  • The “little” things that are actually huge: my pantry, a roof over my head, a hobby I love, dogs that adore me, my sight, my hearing, my health, a car that works, a job for my husband….it goes on and on.
  • Finally, I am grateful that December marks the one-year anniversary of this blog!  It may not be widely read but I love it.  I love that I am documenting pieces of myself….silly and serious….that I wouldn’t document through my scrapbooks.  This weekend I will slurp the last of it into my blurb book and  send it off for publishing.  Can’t wait to see it.  Can’t wait to start another year!

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Glory, hallelujah…

…and Amen!  I found my camera cord!  WA-HOOOOO!!!  I was going to make a cute little mosaic (again) for all of you and try to trick it out this time with WORDS but alas, I’m not anymore.  I’m just so darn happy I found that cord that I’m going to slap these photos up here like I always do!

FIVE THINGS THAT ARE MAKING ME HAPPY/INSPIRING ME RIGHT NOW (other than the obvious one that kept me on my knees all day Tuesday):

1.  This little guy.  He is sitting on my kitchen table and there is another one sitting on my Dad and Dorene’s kitchen table.  Kaitlynn and I made them together (mostly me because they were labor intensive and someone came and knocked on the door to play and well, I lost her).  I think he is the cutest little thing I’ve made in a long, long time.  He makes me happy everytime I look at him.


2.  This is really inspiring me.  I’m so glad I did it.  It’s been worth every penny and while I won’t do every project in there, I’ll do a lot of them.

3.  I am so glad my kids have a sense of humor.  Earlier this week Alden sent Kaitlynn down in the morning.  He prepped her.  She approached me and said, “Mom, Alden is finishing brushing his teeth.  Let’s go out to the car and get it warmed up.”  I grabbed my keys, shouted up to Alden that we’d meet him in the car, opened the door and found this hanging in my face (he was directly above me in his bedroom window, screen taken off, controlling the two robe sashes that were tied together and holding Micky):


They both howled like you wouldn’t believe.  I might have too.

4.  Blogs.  You guys and so many others are killing me!  I’ve been finding such cute blogs lately and I’m getting ready to re-do my blogroll.  I have to.  I am so inspired that I’m actually considering taking on the challenge of re-designing this little baby after the holidays.  I know it will be a big challenge for me so I have to take it on when there aren’t a million other things going on.  Here are a few I’ve been visiting lately:

5.  Finally, this is making me happy.  We bought an expansion pack to a game that everyone in my family except me plays.  I tried.  I really did.  I’m just not a game person.  I sat there and grew so frustrated just trying to make my guy walk in the right direction!  Anyway, they all agreed that they don’t want me to teach them how to use my circle cutting system so we parted ways.  Meanwhile, I loooove that I walked up into the playroom to find this:


(please excuse the messy floor…I had walked up to the playroom to clean when I got sidetracked taking a photo)




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This won’t…

…be a sappy anniversary post.  I promise.  Yesterday Tim and I celebrated fourteen years of marriage.  Fourteen!  In some ways it seems like only four and in others it seems like forty.  But in an effort not to get into all that reflection, let me tell you about some highlights of our day.

Because we’ve been trying hard to be thrifty and to plan for the holidays we forewent our usual anniversary date.  Instead, we celebrated with a nice lunch while the kids were all at school.  We drove into Germantown in downtown Nashville.  I had the best lunch and I loved the almost everything about the restaurant Tim chose.  It was called The Mad Platter.  Sooo good.  It was also fun because the CMA’s were that night so we did a little star watching.  Guess who ate lunch right next to us?  It was actually kind of funny.  It was Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

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Tim got the biggest kick out of this which then lead to me teasing him that he wrote into her fan club and invited her to his prom and he was still pining away for her.  But I digress…

After our ever-so-yummy lunch we decided to go to a new cupcake cafe in Hendersonville and get the kids and ourselves each a cupcake for dessert.  The shop is called Hello Cupcake which I think is the cutest name ever for a cupcake cafe.  Who could resist these?



So super yummy.  We ate them right after dinner and just before leaving for church.  After church we got all the kids in bed and then (get your mind out of the gutter, I’m not sharing that much with you) watched the season premiere of Top Chef.  Always a favorite we look forward to.  Just as I was getting read to head up for bed I rounded the corner and found my groom trying to put something on his head.  It was then I realized exactly what I had gotten myself into for the rest of my life.


November 13, 2008 at 5:40 pm 3 comments

Are you…

…taunting me God or are you telling me he is on his way?  (sigh)


You see, many of you know by now that I will meet Keith someday.  Frankly, I have to because I think it’s a shame that he has a sister/best friend that he doesn’t even know about.  But lately, Keith is getting closer and closer to my circle. 

  • Point number one — a few weeks back Gretchen’s brother worked side-by-side with Keith for a couple of days.  They talked, they hung out and Jeff confirmed that he’s a GREAT guy.
  • Point number two — yesterday someone called me on the phone and said that her husband had sat next to Keith on a flight from Nashville to New York.  Not just on the same plane, right next to him.  I bet he could smell him.
  • Point number three — last night one of Tim’s employees came in to work and had a photo of herself sandwiched between Keith and Nicole.  She said she wanted so badly to tell him about me but she was working (she works for Sony during the day) so she knew she couldn’t.

Do you see?  He is getting closer and closer to my circle.  I read somewhere recently that they haven’t hired a day nanny.  Don’t they know that is because they haven’t met me and I AM their day nanny?  (sigh)  What’s a girl to do?

OK, so I ask you, is He taunting me, merely toying with me or is He (and by “He” I mean God) giving me clues that it is on it’s way?  Remember, I AM the one who always waits last to receive her blessing at Spirit-filled events so maybe this is His funny little way of making me be last again.

November 11, 2008 at 3:33 pm 3 comments

My clock says…

…it’s 1:44 and I am attempting to post this in 7 minutes as per a challenge the lovely DeAnna presented.  So I’ll  make it fairly short and sweet.  Went on retreat this weekend with church…well, kind of weekend because technically I left Thursday morning and got home on Saturday afternoon.  I got home and slept for 13 hours.  Poor Tim probably wondered if I ever actually came home after all that!  But retreat was good, it was sooooo good. 

I have this thing with retreats.  I try to go there with an expectation, something I want to receive from God or give back to Him.  I have just found that every time I do this He meets me.  So this time I went up for my Kati-cat.  I had very specific things that I wanted for her and I told Him, “I am here for her.  I am her proxy.  She can’t do this so I’m doing it for her; standing in the gap.  Give me a healing and an annointing to take home to her.”

Guess what?  He met me there.  He granted me my request and not because my faith was strong enough, not because I didn’t doubt but because He wanted to.  Because He wants her to walk in freedom more than I do.  My house is peaceful since returning.  My daughter is peaceful.  She is communicating, she is thinking before she acts, there is a calm in her that has never before been present.  I truly believe she has been healed of her hurts and released from things she didn’t even know of.  I love it for her and I love it for me and I love it for us.  I love that He is so, so faithful.

There, six minutes.  I think by the time I hit “publish”…..

November 10, 2008 at 7:51 pm 3 comments


….VOTED already.  It’s only 9:06 here and I got in line at 6:50.  When I left, there was no line.  It was then that I decided I shouldn’t have listened to the media and I should have gone when I woke up naturally (the kids have no school today) and then gone and voted.  But I listened to them and I got up and I was worried about four hour lines and they were not to be seen in my neck of the woods.  Oh well, at least I didn’t listen to the media when they tried to tell me who to vote for.

November 4, 2008 at 3:08 pm 2 comments

2nd post…

…today, but I promised!  We couldn’t find a hat in the playroom so we used Kaitlynn’s boot.

We also couldn’t get the camera to focus in enough to be able to read the name.  It says, “Tricia.”  I shouldn’t be surprised because she wins stuff when she calls into the radio….the girls just wins stuff.  : )  Anyway, I suppose it is also very fair because she was the first to post!  I have your addy so no worries there!  I’ll try to get it mailed off on Monday or Tuesday.

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