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….stereotypes.  That is what I’m going to do for you today, People.  Break stereotypes.  First up:

Stereotype: Girls with glasses don’t make passes.  Breaking the mold: Kaitlynn

Stereotype: Terriers are hyper.  Breaking the mold: Floyd

Stereotype: Rottweilers are vicious.  Breaking the mold: Keturah

Stereotype: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  Breaking the mold: Gretchen (sorry, it was just soo fun to call you old)

Stereotype: Christians don’t have fun.  Breaking the mold: My pastor’s wife (playing football with a bunch of kids)

Stereotype: Jill is a serious, non-dreaming person (well, maybe it’s not a worldwide pervasive stereotype but it is my mold)  Breaking the mold: Myself


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Lately I am…

…loving the new song by Brandon Heath.  For many years I have asked God daily to show me what people need prayer for and He has been faithful.  Sometimes so faithful that I am forced to speak up to waiters, people in grocery stores, etc.  That took some getting used to.  : )  At any rate, part of my heart in this request has been beautifully expressed through this song.  I wanted to share the bulk of it with you and hopefully provide some inspiration.  Maybe if every Christian made this their heart’s song we could impact the world with a move of God like it’s never seen before.

Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath

(bits and pieces and boldness chosen by me)

Give me your eyes for just one second

Give me your eyes so I can see

Everything that I keep missing

Give me your love for humananity

Give me your arms for the broken-hearted

The ones that are far beyond my reach

Give me your heart for the ones forgotten

Give me your eyes so I can see

Step out on a busy street

See a girl and our eyes meet

Does her best to smile at me

To hide what’s underneath

All those people going somewhere

Why have I never cared

I’ve been here a million times

A couple of million eyes

Just move and pass me by

I swear I never thought that I was wrong

Well, I want a second glance

So give me a second chance

To see the way You’ve seen the people all along

For some reason WordPress isn’t letting me put the video in here but if you want to see it and hear the whole song, go here.

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OK, so I know…

….it has been a little long between posts this time.  I’m not sure why I haven’t had anything to say or report, I just haven’t.  It seems a lot of my days have just been filled with life.  The little minutia that makes up our everyday existance.  Tim is working so much; like more than I can ever remember him working.  We’re talking several doubles every week…he is pretty much home to sleep and that is it.  Part of me is grateful that he has a job and is willing to work so hard and part of me, well, that’s the part I’m praying about.  : )  At any rate, with his absence comes many rounds of homework, many trips in the car and all the other stuff that comes along with raising a happy, busy family but not much time for blogging or thinking.

I did receive some exciting news this past week.  You can see on the sidebar that I have Imerman Angels listed.  It’s a wonderful organization that provides one-on-one cancer support between survivor and fighter AND their caregivers.  I believe so strongly in what this organization does and was asked to start a satellite office in Nashville!  It’s completely a grass roots effort at this point but I am so excited to get people connected to what they do and be working in the cancer community.  If I can’t go back to school right now to become a chemo room nurse, let me tell you, this is the best thing ever!  So right now I’m busy trying to make contacts, set up meetings and plan a crop (for fundraising) with Gretchen.  I’m so grateful she agreed to help me out with it.  Our goal is 100 people and complete sponsorship.  If we could get more people that would be fabulous but I think we’re wise to start out small and adjust if we need to.

I think another reason I haven’t blogged is that feeling of being in between.  I feel very much like I’m in an in between season right now.  It’s long and drawn out how I think I got here but I am here nonetheless.  I’m trying to be patient and see what God has in this for me.  I’m trying not to let it sadden me or cause me to isolate myself.  It’s just a weird, in the middle kind of feeling.  It’s exciting really when you think about it because it means a change is going to come and when the Lord is in charge of that change, it’s always exciting! 

Well my, my, what a disjointed little posting I have created here.  Welcome to my mind as of late.  : )

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I never really…

…thought about elbows much…until the past 72 hours.  Strap yourself in because I’m getting ready to explain a loooonnnng three days….lots of tears and lots of elbows.  It all started on Friday when the vet called and told me Keturah has cancer.  For those of you who don’t know, Keturah is our 12-year old rottie whom we adore with every fiber of our being.  The good news was that the tumor on her elbow was such that we could remove it and probably get rid of the cancer all together.  The bad news was her age might not make her a good candidate for surgery.  In the end, her bloodwork showed that the surgery was worth the risk so we proceded and she actually came out with flying colors.  So we had the surgery yesterday and the tumor is gone but she is a drunk, sleepy mess.  Tim and I were reminded last night of those early days of parenting when you’re up and worrying about every little sound your baby makes (Tim was so sweet, he slept on the floor with her most of the night).  Now it’s just time to wait for the lab results to confirm that we got all the cancer with the surgery.  In the meantime, we’re enjoying having our girl back home and giggling at the mess her medicine has made her:

OK, so that was started on Friday, right?  On Saturday, after double header soccer games and a cross country meet we settled into a very pleasant afternoon and evening.  It was nice.  We were all sad about our old girl but all-in-all we had a very pleasant evening.  On Sunday we were so excited because Tim had the day off.  We went to church, lunch and Wal-mart and had a great time hanging out together.  I had just settled into my scrapbook room for the first time in weeks when I could hear Kaitlynn outside crying.  I stepped out and discovered she had fallen off her bike and hurt her elbow.  All-in-all not a terrible thing, but it was quite scraped up and worthy of her tears.  Here is what it looks like two days later:

Oh but wait, I’m not done yet.  After cleaning her up, wiping her tears and convincing her it was a good idea to get right back up on that bike I settled back in to my scrapbooking room.  By now Tim had gone outside to practice soccer with Alden and I could hear their  laughter and discussion as I sat at my table.  Within minutes I heard it again.  The sound of a child crying coming through the open window of my scrapbook room.  I decided I wasn’t needed because Tim was outside and surely he could kiss it and make it feel better or whatever was necessary to stop the unhappiness.  But no, it wasn’t meant to be.  In comes Alden with Tim right behind him.  Tears flowing and very loud shouts of pain.  After 45 minutes of icing, evaluating and questioning our parenting abilities the decision was made.  It was time for our first ER trip in ten years. 

Guess what?  He fractured his elbow.

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It comes around every year…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!  That’s right, it’s this girl’s birthday and I LOVE HER.  I wish I could be there to celebrate.  To pamper.  To eat cake.  To shop.  To have a Starbucks.  To do all the things you do when out for a GREAT day together.  So Tricia, since I can’t be there with you please stop by here anytime after 2:00 to pick something up that I’ve already arranged for you.  MY THOUGHTS ARE WITH YOU FRIEND!  HAVE A HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!  This is just for you….not the making love line though….uhhhh….not a lot of the lines….but you’ll get it….you’ll know EXACTLY what part is for you….you’ll smile….(it takes a minute to download and if for nothing else, the baby’s breath in her hair makes it all worthwhile):

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One of the….

….things I did while my family was visiting in July was have the opportunity to spend some time with this girl:

Let me just tell you, she is delicious.  I kept threatening to keep her here and not let her on the plane.  I think she thought I was kidding.  But seriously, if I thought I could have gotten away with it I would have chained her to my house and never let her leave.  It is Madeline, my niece.  She’s smart and brave and sweet and helpful and giving and I just love her to pieces.  One night she stayed with another girl and babysat her three brothers, my three children and two of my cousin’s children.  When I tried to pay her she said, “You’re not paying me to watch my brothers and my cousins.”  Seriously?  What teenage girl says that?  Again, I say delicious.

One afternoon we worked on these shirts.  I love them.  I saw one in a store and wanted to buy it but they were asking for $29!!  I knew I could make it myself.  We ended up making six shirts for under $40.  A bargain if you ask me.

Here is Madeline helping my little Kati-cat:

So here is what we came up with for each person:

  • Mine said “Bee Grateful”
  • Julie’s said “Bee Good” (because she has four children and we thought it was funny)
  • Jennifer’s said “Bee Yourself” (because she’s a teacher and it’s so her style)
  • Kaitlynn’s said “Let it Bee” (because she has a hard time letting go of things sometimes)
  • Dorene’s said “Queen Bee” (because she’s the grandma)
  • Madeline’s said “Bee Brave” (because a steer threw her flying through the air and smashing into a fence causing a full body CT scan, stitches in the face and many other bruises and the very next day she went back to the steer)

So…..what would your shirt say?

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