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This should not…

…have made me so happy.

First off all, it’s a teeny tiny little stacking washer and dryer.  I have a beautiful set of HE, front-loading, large capacity machines.  No, it should not have made me so happy….especially because I was on vacation when I discovered them.  They were in our suite….right off the kitchen.  They made me happy of my vacation.  You see, as we went to bed, I loaded it with the day’s clothes.  Then, as we dashed out the door for the day’s adventures the next morning I switched them to the dryer.  Every day.  Yes, laundry on vacation every day made me happy.  You know why?  Because on the last day, when I was packing suitcases I didn’t have to fold or pack one sweaty, dirty, stinky article of clothing, not one wet swimsuit, nothing that wasn’t fluffy and yummy smelling.  They were all clean, all ready to be unpacked at home directly into dressers and not thrown on my laundry room floor thrusting me back into reality.  It brought a smile to my face each time I thought about it.

So maybe they shouldn’t have made me that happy but they did and what made me even happier was when I got home my mother (who had stayed at the house with the dogs and garden) had gotten my toilets cleaner than I’ve ever gotten them and my floors….well, let’s just say it would have been criminal to throw dirty laundry on them.


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I’m not sure…

…I’ve ever seen my sisters or brother-in-law laugh so hard.  Here’s the background story if you don’t know my mother.  My mother has a severe hearing loss.  I have often described my mother in the following statement: “Have you heard of marches to the tune of a different drummer?  My mother has a whole band.” 

So I’m not exactly sure how it all started but during our big 22-person family barbeque at my house somehow my mother ended up in the playroom playing Rock Band.  Yes.  Rock Band.  I almost don’t need to say another word.  Seriously, I don’t.

Those elicted these:


Look at my brother-in-law in the right-hand corner (and note the looks on my sisters’ faces as they try to figure out what she’s doing):

I almost made it through the whole thing without peeing my pants and then they got my aunt who hardly ever even speaks on the microphone! (Note: there are no kids to be found, just a bunch of adults playing Rock Band)

The final clencher was another aunt who decided that she couldn’t play Rock Band but she could be our back-up dancer.

It makes me wish 22 family members could come over every Friday night.

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This is where…

…I decided to begin.  It has been an emotional week.  Two sweet, wonderful ladies that I have the privilege of calling my friends have hard horrific weeks.  It makes me need a little laughter, a little emotional R&R so I decided not to think too deeply on this post and yet to dig into some of the ones in my head.  So here we go with  my lovely, darling sister, Julie and her handsome husband, Brett.  Don’t they look innocent enough (other than putting bunny ears behind her daughter’s head while they pose for a family photo)?

You see, the day after this photo was taken a group of us (remember the 22 family members who visited) decided to go to Nashville for lunch and let the visitors stroll around.  My sister and Brett said they’d stay behind and watch all the littles.  They have four children of their own and are very mellow so it never even enters your mind that they can’t handle it.  Of course.  They’re also fun and conservative so you know it’ll be fun and safe for the kids.  Well, my, my.  Look what I came home to:



That’s right.  Seven of the nine littles had tattoos all over their necks, faces, arms, chests….it seems Grandmama left a great big value pack of tattoos on the kitchen counter.  Yep, the kids had a blast!  As for the adult’s behavior….all I got from Brett was, “you left them with us.”

Why I never….

: )

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Let me just start…

…by saying that it could take months to blog about all the things this past three weeks gave me to blog about.  But right now it’s the kids’ first day back at school and I have a lot of catching up to do.  So I’ll be responsible, get that done and then start unloading all the ideas!

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this question: Why do women do this when they go to amusement parks?  For goodness sake!  Seriously, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?

August 11, 2008 at 4:49 pm 2 comments


….on vacation!  See you and update you on the GREAT family visit and the trip when I return!  Enjoy your week!

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