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Let’s just start….

…with this picture.  When I saw her I thought, “Well there’s a look” and I knew it was a scrapbook page.

OK, so I promised pictures of the new dining room.  Prepare yourself because it’s a HUGE change and it definitely is better in person than in pictures.  I started with a very traditional, dark toned room.  The window treatments were from the previous owner and I HATED them….the red and yellow was OK but so not Jill.


So, I took my very limited budget and went to work!  Now to some people, they would NEVER paint over this wood.  Let me justify my actions.  The table is not this wonderful piece of furniture, it’s a factory made piece of furniture stained really well.  I have been looking at said table and chairs for nearly 14 years and am just plain tired of them.  I really wanted to go light and airy in the room so I went to my garage and started thinking.  I had the goal of re-purposing and using as much as I could that I already had.  Here is how I did it for under $50 (I was under $40 and then I had to buy a second set of curtain rings):

  • the curtains are an old shower curtain that I loved but that shrunk too short to be used as a shower curtain
  • the paint is all paint I already had in my garage
  • the frames are frames I had in my craft closet….I just sprayed them with, yes, spray paint I already had
  • the fabric I re-covered the chair seats with was purchased at Wal-mart for $1 a yard
  • In the end I bought 2 curtain rods, 2 sets of rings, 1 paint roller, $3 worth of fabric and 1 package of staples for my dad’s staple gun

So there it is.  I guess you’ll either hate it or love it but I love it!  I still need some things for the walls and some finishing touches but for $44.16 I’m pretty happy!  Now to decide what color I REALLY want my scrapbook room accent wall to be….


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A post on…

…what I’ve really been doing will come in about 24-48 hours….that would be the re-decorating of my dining room.  It is ALMOST done but not done enough that I want to show you the complete transformation yet.  Let’s just say I painted a lot and it’s pretty dramatic.  A change.  A big change that I am loving.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d fill you in on everything else going on around here.  Powell was gone all week at National Rendeveouz for the Royal Rangers with church.  He had a ton of fun and grew about three inches while he was gone!  We missed him.  I kept myself busy with the dining room and working on some art for that.  You can see it here.  I also kept busy laying here….

It was all good though because I had company…

We had a perfect view of the swimming pool and all the fun going on in it.  That was nice because our friend and previous Associate Pastor from California came to visit us on his way to a conference in North Carolina….love him….

The Marco Polo games that went on were ridiculous!  So that was my week in and amongst the doctor appointments, menu planning and mapquesting.  We’re getting pretty excited for the family flying in from California this week and all the family driving in from all over the south….22 people in all at my house this Friday/Saturday and I can’t wait!

Now, just because she looks so cute here:

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Ever heard of ….

….sticking your neck out there?  Well let me tell you, turtles do not stick their neck out there for anything or anyone.  I don’t think I would want to live a turtle’s life.  I do have to say however, I had quite the fun time this morning….watching a turtle.  Last year Kodiak got a turtle….we saved the turtle and he lived a good life in our neighbor’s pond.  This morning when I let Kodiak in from the backyard he brought me another turtle (little thing was upside down,…it didn’t stand a chance of getting right-side up without some intervention).  Poor little thing was all bloody around the rim of his shell because Kodiak apparently mistook it for a rawhide (I’m showing you the less bloody view in case you’re squeamish).

Little turtle was moved to the front yard and put into one of our garden beds.  Alden, Kaitlynn and I sat down for a while to see if it would come out of it’s shell….to see if it would live.  Eventually the kids took off to go to the dump with Tim but not until I promised to stay on the porch and get a picture once the turtle stuck it’s neck out (remember what I said about turtles and necks?).  I waited.  I was so patient.  I weeded a little, I sat a lot and I realized that it was nice to just sit on my porch in the cool of the morning and listen to the birds and the bugs.  It was quiet.  It was good. 

Then it got better.

Did you know that our family has a thing about foxes?  We love them.  There are a few that live around us and from time to time you see them and it’s just magical to us.  There is something about them.  Well, while I was on turtle duty I noticed what at first I thought was a dog walking across my front lawn, not ten feet away from me.  Check it out:

Isn’t he gorgeous?  Love him.

Anyway, after going in and out and in and out this was the best I could do for the turtle shot.

So then I took off for errands of my own.  By then the kids were back home and I left them happily sitting on the front porch watching the turtle.  Check out what Alden got….I guess the turtle knows Alden is worth sticking your neck out for.

And finally heading off for greener bushes…

It feels good to be a turtle rescuer.  It is amazing though….baby birds, tadpoles, bullfrogs, regular frogs, foxes, turtles and unseen racoons, bats and opossums….our outside animals finally out number our indoor animals.

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No, it’s not the bullfrog that has been louder than kingdom come the past month or so, it’s what I am expecting to hear in chorus in about two weeks.  Every year we go through a major hatching of frogs in our pond.  It’s crazy.  This year, it’s epidemic crazy.  We have found many pregnant mommas in our pool and transferred them to the pond.  Here is one that was rescued today:

Isn’t she beautiful?  When you flip her over her belly is just bursting…you can see all the little eggs lying just underneath the surface of her skin.  She is tired though….poor thing can barely move she is so pregnant (come to think of it, I remember that feeling).  She is sharing the pond with a few other mommas and all of these:

Do you see them all?  Tons of little tadpoles in all different stages feeding on the plant.  Now this may gross you out; I don’t know (Fran…smile).  Personally, I love this.  I love all the baby birds we watch in their nests and the tadpoles in the pond.  I love that my children get to grow up seeing these things and tending to them.  I’ll keep you updated…I’ll also post some pictures SOON of the momma duck that has nested at Tim’s restaurant.  There is a planter on his front patio that she has laid eight eggs in!  She is a good momma.  Tim has put an umbrella over the planter so she doesn’t get too hot and a cup of water so she doesn’t have to leave too often to cool down.  He says he doesn’t care about the duck.  Right.  Anyway, by our estimation she has about two and a half more weeks until they hatch.  At that point we have a place we will re-locate everyone to.   I’ll snap her picture next time I’m at the restaurant.

What are you watching lately?

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It really shouldn’t….

….make me this happy that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman had their baby today.  Really, it shouldn’t. 

…I’m just saying….I’m really happy.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

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Ready for an update on…

…a few things?  I know I promised one on Kaitlynn and yes, she had a GREAT time and she can’t wait to go back next summer and she only cried for me two of the four nights at bedtime!  Alden also had a wonderful time.  He has been praying since last summer that he would be baptized in the Holy Spirit and it happened for him and he is soooo happy….beaming, in fact.  We’re thrilled for him and so grateful that his young little heart is seeking after God so completely.  The kid is radical and I can’t wait to see where God takes him.

Now ready to hear about LOVE?  Remember a few posts back when I talked about really absorbing what is it that the Bible says about love?  I have been diligently working on checking all my actions against that ever since then.  People, it’s hard.  It’s really, really hard.  So here is my self-imposed report card on how I’ve done so far:

  • Love is patient: I used to be so patient; I owned a pre-school with 85 children a day for eleven years for crying out loud!  Yes, I was patient.  I feel like as I get older I become more impatient; not necessarily with waiting (I’m more patient with that) but with attitudes and behaviors.  I have really realized this over the past six weeks and I’m working on it.  I think I’m still pretty go with the flow but man, noise and bad drivers just test me!
  • Love is kind: This is a huge goal for me.  I do think I’m a kind person.  I want to be the person however that is so kind they change the room’s atmosphere when they walk in it.
  • Love does not envy: A+ people!  I am so grateful for that too!  Walking through losing a lung, my husband having cancer for nearly seven years followed by a chronic neurological condition and the countless other things I have walked through….how could I envy anyone?  I am alive, Tim is alive….I have an amazing life and I wouldn’t trade anyone!
  • It does not boast, it is not proud: check (pride is easy for me to catch myself in so I quickly get it in check…I get prideful when I’m mad and I think I’m right).
  • It is not rude, it is not self-seeking: check.
  • It is not easily angered: uhhhhh….I think this might relate to the patient thing.  I wouldn’t say easily angered….perhaps easily irritated.  I’m working on it.
  • It does not keep a record of wrongs or delight in evil: Thank you God that forgiveness comes easily to me and that nauseom takes over me when I’m around evil.  The tricky part is learning that forgiveness doesn’t always mean letting that hurt back into your life to do it all over again.
  • Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres: This part also comes easily for me.  Thank you, God.
  • Love never fails: This is another hard part.  Not when it comes to my family and my friends but when it comes to those out in the world.  If love never fails then it continually responds in the ways listed above.  That is really hard.  But I am glad I have taken this challenge on.  I am glad I’m at least thinking about it and trying to do better.

So that is it!  Those are my updates.  The Love challenge was just such a big one I felt like it deserved an update and the Kati-cat….so proud of her.  Thanks for your prayers while she was away; without a doubt they made a huge difference for her.

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Looking forward…

….to getting my girl and my boy.  I didn’t hear a thing all week so I have to believe that means Kaitlynn found her niche and had a GREAT time!  I’ll update you when I see her.  : )

Meanwhile, I did enjoy a very quiet week at home.  Powell, Tim and I completely enjoyed the mellow household (if you don’t count the four 12-year olds who spent the night with Powell on Tuesday….see, I’m serious, I let five 12 year-olds stay at my house….OVERNIGHT):

and time to focus on just the three of us.  We bought a new hammock….I’ll show you a picture of that soon and I’ve enjoyed hanging out in it and reading this:

Now I warn you that the first 50 pages or so are HARD to get through.  But it’s so worth it.  Really an amazing book.  I also enjoyed some creative energy this week.  You see, last week my creative energy consisted of finding projects for Kaitlynn and I to do together.  While that was fun and we enjoyed it, it was nice to work on a few things that were just mine.  So, here are Kaitlynn and I’s projects from last week:


Like I said, they were all fun and I really enjoyed them.  But I also enjoyed making a gift for my sister and a scraptherapy page for myself.  You can check those out in my portfolio at SIStv.  Meanwhile, I can’t decide whether or not to paint a table in my scrapbook room.  The walls are red and off-white colored and I have a table I am thinking of painting….are you ready…..a mellow turquoise-ish color.  I know.  That’s why I can’t decide.  But it would match one of the colors in the rug I have in there.  I don’t know.  Still mulling that one over. 

Finally, I haven’t given the dogs much facetime lately so i’ll show you something we thought was hysterical.  The other night we went outside to eat this delicious thing:

We decided to give the dogs a treat also…..rawhides!  They LOVE their rawhides.  They DON’T like sharing their rawhides.  They all know Keturah will exert her ability to collect all three rawhides if they don’t find a quiet spot.  Now picture a clock.  At 12:00 and about 100 feet away I saw this:

Then I looked to my right, I’d say about 5:00 and I saw this, sitting (of course) about five feet away from me (because Floyd never wanders far from me):

Then I said, “Where’s Kodiak?”  Of course, about 100 feet and at 9:00 was this:

See, I don’t exxaggerate: they DON’T risk sharing a bone.  (editor’s note: Keturah has since dug up Kodiak’s bone and claimed it as her own, Floyd was almost finished with his, walked away to bark at a bird and lost it…to Keturah….and Keturah, well, she’s 13, the alpha dog and we let her get away with it).

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