These have been…

June 10, 2008 at 7:38 pm 3 comments

…making me smile at the most unexpected moments. 

They are little notes that one of my most favorite people, Tricia, left for me after her visit in April.  They were and are all over my house….in the curio cabinet, in the bathroom drawer, inside my laundry detergent cupboard….everywhere.  There are some I’m sure I haven’t found yet, some I have let go of and some I have left where they are just so they can continue to make me smile.  : )

Speaking of Tricia, these notes make me think about her and here is my most recent thought: she is like Martha Stewart.  (she probably just spit whatever was in her mouth out all over her computer screen)  She is; but not in the way you might first think.  You see, Martha is essentially a very curious person and Tricia, well I think she might be the most curious person I personally know.  When she was here and my dad was teaching her about dogwood trees, she was truly interested.  When a man from Dave’s work was telling her about bonsai trees, she was truly interested.  When you tell her something she almost always has a question.  It’s interesting to me because I don’t think I’m a curious person.  I’m not sure why but I think it might have something to do with being a face value person.  I’m interested in people, but not processes.  Like, sit down and tell me all about your life and I am SO with you.  But take me for a tour at a winery and other than the tasting, I just don’t care much.

But here is something I AM curious about:

Do you see it?  (sorry Fran)  It’s a tiny little baby bird.  Remember a few posts back when I showed you the bird house and told you that the momma always gives us a few clutches a year?  This is clutch number two.  There are two in there and they seem to be doing very well.  We’ve been keeping an eye on them and putting worms close by so momma doesn’t have to travel too far to feed them or herself.  She isn’t around much anymore but she still checks on them and watches from a distance. 

This week I have been busy organizing photos I thought were organized and putting them into albums.  I’ve definitely made the decision not to think I will ever go back and scrap all the photos from the boys’ early years….there are just too many.  So I’ve organized them, chosen a couple of favorites to scrap and put the rest into albums which will suit my purposes just fine.  It feels good to have it done and to be FREE to never think about scrapping them again.  Now I get to focus on the HERE the NOW and the now and enjoy scrapping THAT.

So that’s it.  Possibly a very random post with some very random thoughts but I hope you enjoyed them anyway!


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Yes, it’s true… Bumps, bumps…

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  • 1. gretchen  |  June 11, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    what a great way to leave you guys….leaving notes. tricia’s so sweet!

    you are funny with your random post, but at least you are blogging…i can’t say that for myself…

    you are kicking my butt at the whole organizing your pictures and scrapping in general. maybe this weekend will whip me back into shape!

  • 2. fran  |  June 12, 2008 at 12:45 am

    good gosh! I HATE posts with birds in them!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3. Tricia  |  June 12, 2008 at 3:41 am

    Well thanks for comparing me to Martha! She bugs a little, but I do like her. Yes, I am curious. I don’t think I’ve ever given much thought to it, but you are right.
    The baby birdie is cuteness!


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