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…..BREAK!  Summer break, that is.  It has only been two days so far but it is in full swing around this joint.  The swimming, the ice cream, the lazy days (well lazy for the kids but mine are coming…still getting organized to some degree): it has been wonderful.  Let’s start at the very beginning.

Wednesday was their last day of school and they requested one thing, one…homemade ice cream to celebrate with.  So out came the ice cream maker and in went all the ingredients for their favorite, cookies and cream.  My cookies and cream always ends up looking like chocolate cookies and cream but it isn’t, it’s vanilla.  Nevertheless, it tastes wonderful…here is the already half-eaten proof:

After a great worship service at church on Wednesday night you could tell that all the parents were relishing the first night of Summer break; no one was in a rush to get out the door.  We all stood around chatting and watching the kids play kickball on the grass.  I’m usually so quick out the door to get everyone tucked in that it was a real treat to linger.  The kids thought it was fun too when they got home and didn’t have to run up the stairs but instead got ot have a big cone of ice cream out in the backyard with all the tiki torches lit.

Then, just because I’m crazy and was really in the mood I made an apple pie.  It had been a while since I made one and I was thinking about it all the time so I went ahead and made one on Tuesday night.  There is still one more BIG slice left:

OK, so that day was particulary crazy for cooking because I also made calzones for dinner.  Again, we all love them and Tim got me a brand new bread maker for Mother’s Day that I had to break in.  OK, let me justify this now.  When we were engaged, breadmakers just came out and I wanted one so badly but I was a pre-school director and made a very little amount of money so a breadmaker was not in my budget.  For Mother’s Day that year, Tim got me a breadmaker.  When I explained that I wasn’t a mother he said, “Well you will be one day, and you’ll be my children’s mother so here’s a breadmaker.  Just say ‘thank you.’ ” : )  Well fourteen years later my beloved breadmaker sounded like a wild raccoon in heat so I had to send it to the breadmaker graveyard.  Hence, a seemingly terrible Mother’s Day present for him to give me and yet romantic and reminiscent in reality.  So, here is the beautiful evidence of my love for breadmakers:

OK, so now that I’ve gained five pounds from all my cravings….

The first day of summer break was spent swimming (they’re crazy because the water is only 74 degrees), riding bikes and playing Rock Band.  After a visit to Poppa and Nonna’s to feed the ducks we took the kids to Kabuto for dinner.  They had never been so the knife juggling, fire rising and throwing of food was very interesting to them; they loved it.  They also loved that Taylor Swift was there when we were…she was a very sweet girl.   Look what I found in my garden when I got home and did some weeding:

Aren’t they beautiful?  They remind me of the tissue ones I made a couple of weeks ago.  They are also a dream come true to some degree.  When we lived in California I dreamed of living in a climate where peonies would grow.  Now I have my own bush in the backyard.  Dorene gave it to me as a housewarming gift when we got here and each year as it has grown it has yielded twice as many blooms as the year before. 

Yep, I love summer break.  I love that there is no homework, bedtime is more flexible and there is time to piddle.  Yep, we’ve got a ton going on and we’ll be adequately busy but what’s better than those days when you just wander inside and outside all day long, you find a new project to work on or decide to make popsicles out of orange juice?  Alden woke up and decided he wanted to whiddle and since he didn’t have school he got to just go outside and enjoy himself; how great is that?

So, maybe not the most exciting post in the world but that is what we’re up to around here.  What are you doing?



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Just a little…

…update.  I felt like I needed to get some positive reinforcement because I finally spent some time scrapbooking!  Yes folks, I broke out all the unfinished projects from the Scrap Etc. event and got to work!  Most of them I tried to take my own little slant on.  Although it wasn’t a completely creative process, it does feel really good to have them done and be able to move on to other projects and ideas.  I stayed up until 2 AM on Friday night doing this, amazing if you know anything about me; I’m a 10:00 girl.

I think I stayed up late scrapping in an effort to work a few things out in my head.  I have only been truly misunderstood once in my life until this past week.  Now, count two times.  It was confusing and very hurtful but I am beginning to find it’s place in my spirit and make peace with the jumbled up emotions it stirs within me.  There isn’t too much more about that I want to say here other than to express gratitude that I have a hobby that allows me to be in my head and figure things out.

We’ve been pretty busy around here planning how we will spend our summer.  The kids’ last day of school is Wednesday and boy do we have a great summer planned!  Both of my sisters and their clans will be coming for a visit (at the same time) which will be fabulous.  The kids have so much fun playing with their cousins and now that there is a pool in our backyard, well, it’ll be non-stop I’m sure.  We are taking a trip to the beach early on in the summer and then heading out to Disneyworld at the end of summer.  What else?  Powell has like three tips with church, Alden has two and Kaitlynn has one.  We’ve made standing weekly playdates with friends, planned some art projects, cookie making and so much more!  The last two summers the kids learned how to cook different things.  This summer, they’re going to learn how to care for a garden; they are so excited.  They’ve each been given a plot of land to care for.  This weekend we cleared it all out and got the soil ready for planting.  We have gone through books and the internet picking which plants they like, etc.  Kaitlynn has chosen sunflowers and generally very happy looking flowers.  The boys can’t decide.  They like the idea of plants/flowers because they’ll be around forever (perennials) but they also like the idea of some food crops.  On Thursday they will decide because we’ll go shopping and get them in the ground.  So fun. 

Well, that is my little update.  I’m off now to get some things at the store; the kids asked for homemade cookies and cream ice cream for their dessert the night of the last day of school.  It seemed an appropriate way to start the summer so of course I agreed!

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Yes folks…

….this is my offspring:

How could I resist putting this up for the world to see?  I think we all know Alden has a BIG personality so the opportunity to don a wig, glasses, stethescope and funny accent for a school project was too much to pass up for him.  He insisted he needed a red wig to make him look funny — I assured him he looked plenty hysterical with the black Fred Flinstone wig Powell wore for Halloween.

Now just because Kaitlynn was watching as I took pictures of Alden at breakfast and because I’m a good mom who tries to take her picture whenever I take someone else’s….here is what made Kaitlynn happy this morning:

Cute girl, this simple little flower on her toaster struedel makes her soooo happy.  She seriously talks about it throughout the entire devouring of it.  And now for something that made me happy:

I don’t know why, but these flowers made me so happy.  I actually taught myself how to make them out of tissue paper.  How cute are they?  I made eight of them and used them to decorate gift boxes for the ladies at my table this weekend for the luncheon at church.  They were so fun to make….now I think I’m going to try a different kind!

I would show you a picture of the new rug I got for my scrapbooking studio but it isn’t making me entirely happy yet because I know it’s there to cover up the blood that the carpet cleaner couldn’t get out.  Oh the joys of an old dog.  But I love her to pieces and will gladly have covert blood stains if it means she is around a wee bit longer.  The kids and I are praying God will perform a miracle and Keturah will live forever.  So far, so good.  Old gal is almost 12!

So that’s it for my lighter, happier post tonight!  Now off to see who got booted off of Idol….

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Going deep…

….this time so hang on.  I’ve just really been thinking about this.  Wednesday night’s lesson at church was soooooo good.  Seriously in the top five I’ve ever heard.  It has started me thinking about many (it was THAT good) different things but the one I want to write about is LOVE.

Most of us have heard or read what the Bible says about love:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

I think those of us that are seeking God’s heart know that love is very important to Him.  He even says: “and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”  Are you seeing what I’m saying here?  In thinking about all of this I began to think about how really rather flippant my attitude has been about love.  I’ve known for quite some time that love is not about romance and emotions; Tim’s cancer taught me a lot about true love and I am so grateful we learned it at a young age.  However, I don’t think I ever really thought about how my actions and attitudes can reflect the love God has called me to (or even the fact that I am called to love in a specific way); about the fact that if I am truly motivated by love in all my actions then I can truly do no harm.  How about this one?  The Bible tells us that God is love.  If God is love and all the things mentioned above  are attributed to love then isn’t God all those things?  If so, why do we think He won’t be forgiving or patient with us?  OK, OK, so I told you I was going deep here.

All of this to say that I am personally making an effort to check my motivations, behavior and attitude to what God says about love.  If the greatest is love then I NEED TO PAY MORE ATTENTION to it and begin to love to the very best of my ability.  In order to do that, I must test myself against what the Bible says about love.  For example, the other day I was really upset with Tim (I can share this because we are all human and we all get upset with our husbands) and began to think it was all his fault and he needed to change.  At that moment I felt the Holy Spirit checking me: am I being patient?  Am I being kind?  Am I being easily angered?  I tell you people, it helped so much because the instant I saw where I could better my love for Tim in that moment and I released it, God turned the entire situation around and we were able to have an amazing, intimate conversation about the issue.

Now I’m not saying this challenge I’m taking on is going to be easy.  Believe me, the Tennessee drivers test my love for “my neighbors” on a daily basis.  But I’m not called just to love my family and friends; I’m called to love everyone.  I don’t intend to be a doormat (Bible doesn’t want me to be anyway) but I do intend to truly take a look at how I am demonstrating God’s perfect love to those around me.  I’m determined to really keep myself in check on this and am so excited to see what God will do with it!

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It’s days like today…

….that make you wish you had a remote control for life.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could fast forward, rewind, pause, record, stop, MUTE?  Today I would choose to fast forward to tomorrow.  It’s been a frustrating day.  A day where I have been reminded that I do indeed have only one lung.  The winds, the pollen and the consistently changing weather around here are not my friends.  My chest is tired, it’s overworked and it needs a break.

Also going on today?  Children wanting something every two minutes, go in and out the door fifteen times an hour (which allows more pollen and wind in which only exacerbates said reason for wanting to fast forward) and can’t seem to find that tone in their voice that makes a momma happy.  I think we’re all ready for daddy to stop working six days a week and sleeping all day on his day off.

OK, enough complaining.  I’m going to actually remind myself here that my children are healthy, generally well behaved and happy, one lung is better than none and my husband has a job which is a really good thing.  Now, can you all please join me in a prayer that this wind and pollen will stop?

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