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Gurgle, gurgle..

 (warning: this may not be for those of you with weak stomachs) 

…is what my stomach has been doing since Tuesday night.  That was the night Alden woke us up at 3 am with “I just threw up, Mom.”  The words every parent loves to hear in the middle of the night. 

Me:  OK, sweetie.  I’m sorry.  Are you OK?

A: Yes.

Me: Good, just get back in your own bed (he slept with Powell that night) so that your brother doesn’t get sick.

A:  OK.  I can’t get in his bed anyway, there’s throw up in it.

(a thunderous noise from down the hall as Powell leaps out of bed)

P:  Oh gross!

Ahhhhh….you gotta love it.  It was little things like this that kept me going, my kids being funny in the midst of vomit.  Alden proceded to get sick five times in ten hours (that has got to be a record).  At one point, Tim was getting frustrated with the situation and I gently reminded him that there are parents of children with cancer who do this everyday and we should be grateful it’s only (at most) once a year.  This was kid number one being sick and I still had my wits about me.

On Thursday everybody was well.  We had playdates, we had sunshine.  It was glorious.  Just as we were settling into the latest version of Top Chef the phone rang.  Kaitlynn was staying the night at a friend’s and apparently had a stomach ache.  I promptly left to pick her up.  When we got home we decided straight to bed.  I was braiding her hair (just in case) when she took off to the bathroom.  A little mishap in the hallway and then to the toilet.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.  All I heard was Tim say “get in the shower” and then “Jill, can I put her glasses underwater?”  Bad.

She got off easier with only one more episode that made it ALL in the bucket.  Good girl!  She got a fever in the middle of the night that night and must have told me 12 times, “I’m blazin’ hot.”  It may be a location joke but it was hysterical.  She was so offended at being sick and completely irritated with me that I wasn’t making it go away.

Today, everyone was well.  There was game playing and birthday planning (Tim’s birthday is tomorrow) and lots of smiles as we loaded in the car to have dinner at Daddy’s new restaurant.  I should have known…..after all, I do have three children.

Powell fell asleep in the booth.  Yep, middle of the restaurant, almost 12 years old and asleep like a toddler on his mother’s lap.  Fast forward to getting home.  Kaitlynn is feeding the dogs and I’m switching a load of wash.

Alden:  Mom!  Powell just threw up!

Me: You’re not funny Alden.  Knock it off.

Alden:  Mom, he threw up!

Me:  Alden, seriously, stop talking about it.  Powell doesn’t feel well and he doesn’t need you talking about throw up right now.

Powell:  No Mom, I threw up. 

So here I am.  Because 12 loads of wash a week isn’t enough I now have an additional two based on the past 45 minutes.  I think it’s the 5th or 6th load of puke laundry so far.  Just as I was starting to think about getting a bad attitude about the whole thing, this happened:

Kaitlynn:  Mom, can we watch a taped episode of Home Makeover?

Me:  I don’t think so, Sweetie.  I’ve got a lot of laundry to do now and I need to get set up for the night; it could be a long one for me.

K: (begins to cry)  I’m sorry.

Me:  For what? 

K:  I’m sorry that you have to keep cleaning up yucky puke and we keep making more work for you.

Me: (realizing what it is all about I go over and sit her in my lap) Sweetie, you and your brothers and daddy are my dream come true.  This is what I do.  I would clean puke everyday if it meant you were always with me. 


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Happy Easter!


Sorry….I couldn’t resist.

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Some public…

…promises I am making to myself.  To me.  For me.  Because I deserve it.

It has been a hectic, hectic month.  Tim worked 24 days in a row, approximately 15 hours a day.  He is exhausted and I am exhausted.  I reminded me of what it was like when he was sick and I had no help around the house.  But this time is was slightly more difficult logistically.  The kids are bigger and it’s winter.  That means more laundry.  The kids all have homework every night.  I insisted on cooking every night to retain some sort of consistency while he was at work so that meant no help will the grilling (yes, I grilled pork chops for the first time in my life with the help of my dad on the other end of the phone) or cleaning up.  The kids missed him so I tried to keep their minds off of it by playing more games with them, watching their TV shows with them, etc. 

Tim had yesterday off.  The sky parted.  The angels sang.  We were happy little, exhausted people stuck like glue to one another all day long and I loved it.  We didn’t get one stinkin’ thing done but we soaked up each other’s company and went to the new World Marketplace and looked around, ate lunch out, you know, had fun together.

So now things are settling down and I am realizing that I have not done much for myself and I keep finding all kinds of things to do that keep me from that.  So here I go, some promises to myself:

  • I will scrapbook this week and next week.  I will get some of the layouts floating around in my head down on paper.  I will LOVE that.
  • I will exercise five days this week and next week because three days a week is no longer sufficient for this almost-40 year old body.
  • I will re-schedule the dentist appointment I cancelled last week.
  • I will clean out the closet in the playroom that I have wanted to clean out for about two months.
  • I will make the one-point muffins I have been craving.
  • I will blog about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time (right after I figure out how to write it so that you’ll also appreciate the humor…Gretchen, I think you know what this is….think yard sale lady).
  • If the weather holds I will make it into the backyard that I love and do some work!

There.  I did it.  I’ll keep you posted.  While you wait with bated breath, why don’t you tell me one thing you’ll do for yourself this week?

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Taking the good….

…with the sad.

A couple of days after my birthday I was straightening up and organizing and noticing things around my house that were making me really happy.  Like this:


It is a docking station that I got at Pottery Barn when Gretchen and I went shopping on my birthday.  I love it.  It makes me happy because it cleans up the messy little corner in the kitchen that Tim loves to dump his stuff at.  Now it is all clean and tidy, the kids’ homework papers that are being worked on have a place to go and so does the mail that still needs to be addressed.  Did I mention that I love it?  It makes me happy.  This does, too:


This was also purchased at Pottery Barn…on said Birthday.  I only bought one to which the man who checked me out couldn’t understand.  But I only needed one.  Just one to make me happy and be used to serve cookies or crackers on or maybe just to have a big old piece of pie all to myself.  : )  I also did another bold thing in my life.  That made me happy because it got me and Gretchen one of these:


Isn’t it the cutest darned bag you ever did see?  Pottery Barn boy wasn’t giving us a bag like this.  We wanted one.  Can’t you see that house and those birds and trees on a layout?  Anyway, I asked, he gave.  You can do the same thing because apparently Pottery Barn Boys all over the world are trying to get rid of them since they are Christmas bags and it is almost Easter.

OK, so there is one more thing to show you that made me happy that day, one last thing before I show you the very sad thing that also happened that day.  Tim made it home in time for dinner.  Not only in time to eat it with us, but in time to cook it with us.  I had made calzone dough and salad and the kids LOVE stuffing and rolling their own calzones.  But they didn’t love it as much on this day as they loved just being next to their daddy.  Usually they all take turns at the table, that night, no one left his side until bedtime.  It made me happy.  And yes, Tim’s eye looks messed up because that is what happens when you are opening a new retaurant, working 15 hours a day and haven’t taken a day off in about 16….I don’t know, I’ve lost count.



And now for the sad, it was this:


I know that at first glance it doesn’t look that sad, but it is.  Kaitlynn cleaned out her room the other day.  She did a GREAT job, cleaned out so much stuff all on her own.  These were in the give-away pile.  While the organizer, cleaner, pragmatic person that I am loves this, the mommy in me hates it.  It is such an in-my-face reminder that Kaitlynn is growing up.  I am normally the mom that is OK with the growing up stuff.  I haven’t had any problems with the boys growing and spreading their wings.  On their first days of Kindergarten, I cheered as they started a new phase of life.  But when Kaitlynn started Kindergarten, I cried.  When I saw this, I wanted to cry.

I know it is because I don’t feel like I’ve had enough time with her.  The first four years of her life I didn’t get to do all the loving, nurturing, playing, and hanging out that I got with the boys.  Kaitlynn may be my only child not from my womb, but the cord with her is the toughest to cut.  I feel like I haven’t had enough of her being little (not the tantrums, believe me, enough of that already).  So these toys and the fact that she has no desire for them anymore made me sad. 

I will let her grow though.  She is an amazing creature.  I hope to allow her to grow so strong and wise and full of hope that she never feels the lack of knowing a biological family.  At times like these when she is moving on and I am trying desperately to smile and allow it, I recognize that ache only a true mother knows and am so grateful to be a part of her life.

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A reminder not to…

…count your chickens before they’re hatched.  You see, on Wednesday night I went to sleep quite certain that only one or two chickens would hatch the next day….MY BIRTHDAY…and I was a sad momma hen.  But you know what?  ALL of my chickens hatched! 

Tim has been working so much and been so distracted and birthdays are a BIG deal for me so I was sad that things would not be too festive for me.  I could not have been more wrong.

First off, I got cards from people who live in Tennessee!  New friends who remembered it was my day and mailed me birthday cards…like four of them!  That was huge because it showed me how far I’ve come since my first birthday here two years ago when I was a sad little puppy all alone all day long.

Chronologically  might be the best way to do this.  I woke up.  It was early and I was making lunchboxes while Tim sat at the kitchen table (shouldn’t he have done that?).  I wasn’t happy.  But then he insisted I open a few of my presents.  I got this camera strap that I asked specifically for:


I really wanted this and I was so excited that he visited the etsy store I told him about and bought it for me!  He also got me a subscription to a magazine that I would NEVER get for myself.  Too expensive.  But I’m so excited and the fact that it is not something I would ever get myself makes it a true gift.  Right after opening those and deciding to wait on opening the kids’ gift I decided to open my sister Jennifer’s gift.  An adorable tank top and jacket that I LOVED.  I wore it!


After getting all the kids off to school I dropped off Floyd at the groomer and picked up Gretchen.  Originally I had all these calls for work and they got re-scheduled and moved and crazy so I switched gears and we had the day planned to go to Green Hills Mall and Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  It was yummy.  But before we ever got there she had me open my presents….LOOK what she made me:


And don’t forget this….she didn’t….a frame with some writing on it that we saw in OCTOBER and I loved (what it said) and she got for me.


OK, so what next?  Hmmmm…..oh yes, going into Gretchen’s so that I could check out Tricia’s blog.  You can see what she did for me here: Crazy Girl.  I loved it though….made me very happy.  She also sent me this:


 I came home, talked to DeAnna on the phone (so fun, always) and got to see my parents!  They are always good to see (today I get to extend my birthday and go out to lunch with my step-mom).  They got me a chest that I really needed to store guest linens and things. 


I also got an adorable jacket that unfortunately has a stain on the back of it so I will be exchanging that today….I hear they have different colors too!


Then of course, who doesn’t love getting this?


After my parents left all the kids were home from school and I got to open my gifts from them.  We were planning on going out to eat for dinner so we thought we’d do it then.  They gave me this, because they know I love a summer dress…I live in them in the summertime.


I got this…..simply the best thing ever.  Powell wrote it for me. 


I don’t know if you can read it:

Your heart is no ordinary heart.  It is made of the purest gold.  You can be embarassing but you put a smile on my face.  You can be angry at us but you go through a happy phase.  Your smile is better than the sun on a cartoon.  But always remember this: your family loves you.  Happy B-day Mom, your little man

OK, I know, go get a tissue…..oh, and don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.  : )

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Just figuring…

…it all out.  I have all of the stuff together for this week’s menu/recipes but am not putting it up quite yet.  Honestly, it’s a lot of work and I love doing it, but I am not getting any feedback that people are actually cooking the recipes and serving the menus so I’m not so sure if I should continue.  You can let me know if it’s important to you.  Like I said, love doing it but not just for me!  : )

 Had a pleasant weekend and am so, so glad the sun came out for a few days.  I found myself chanting the mantra: ‘it’s on it’s way, it’s on it’s way’ over the past several weeks.  It is sooooo nice to see the sun, open the windows and not have to completely bundle up to go outside.  Even though there is a chance for snow tomorrow, I’m so glad I had my 70 degrees this weekend and again today! 

 Tim has been busy, busy with the opening of the new restaurant.  One week from today is the grand opening.  Can’t believe this is his 12th restaurant opening!  He gets very focused and distracted.  I have learned over the years to try and hold my tongue when I feel frustrated at the lack of time and attention.  I like to give him about six weeks to just do what he needs to do before I start requesting more work around the house be done and a regular work week.  Yes, regular work weeks mean 50-60 hours per week for a restaurant man but believe me, that is better than the opening schedules….typically seven days a week, 10-12 hours a day.  But he’s happy.  So much happier.  Leaving his old job was such a difficult decision for him/us and now that it’s done, it is so good to see him happy again.

So now I am off!  Some little chores to do around the house, pictures to take of things I need to post and a big trip to the store: all the fun necessities like toilet paper, shaving cream and shelf liner. 

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