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Undone Laundry

 Yes folks, this is what a college degree can get you too!  This is the scene every Monday at my house (and it isn’t showing you the four other loads that are either in process or waiting nor does it show you the ironing).  After years of trying to perfect a system for laundry, I finally found it.  I know this may not be very exciting for many of you, but I find it thrilling.  I can’t stand that the laundry never seems to be done or the little piles that need to be done or put away.  Hence, a system to free my vision of laundry for 5 of the 7 days of the week!  And the best part?  It includes taking the guilt out of a guilty pleasure.

It begins on Sunday after church when all three kids sort their laundry into the upstairs hallway, add Tim and I and there you go…the Mt. Everest of laundry (don’t you just love that the laundry triples in the winter).  It gets washed, dried and laid flat all day long.  On Monday, after dropping everyone off at school there is a trip to Starbucks to be made.  This time of year it includes a tall non-fat chai tea latte and a pumpkin scone.  Upon my arrival at home I get myself all set up.  Move the ottomon slightly over in the family room, turn on the big screen, push the laundry basket into the room and begin!  It takes hours to fold everything and iron.  Normally, this would make one cringe.  But you know what?  That one cringing didn’t DVR Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters and hours of Martha Stewart the week before (here is the guilty pleasure: I don’t have to feel guilty about sitting and watching TV in the middle of the day if I’m folding laundry and ironing).  So there I sit, folding and stacking, folding and stacking.  When I’m done, my little peepers are spinning from all the TV and I have the complete satisfaction of knowing that when the kids come home and put their stacks away, I don’t have to look at laundry for five more days.




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A moment I noticed

You know, one of the goals that I have set for myself over the past year or so has been to live in the moment more.  It seems that life has given me many reasons  to either want to escape the moment or be so busy that I can’t look up to notice it.  So in growing older and hopefully somewhat wiser and in being able to walk through a season where life is really good and effortless, I decided to try and gain the ability of being in the moment.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds.  By nature, I don’t like to be noticed.  How is that related to living in the moment?  Well, living in the moment requires letting go and letting go often requires people noticing you.  I’ve really conquered the living in the moment parts where I stop what I’m doing to look at my children while they are talking to me; see the joy in their play instead of the mess they are making; being true to myself and not taking on tasks and responsibilities that I don’t want to take on (I used to overextend myself); realizing how truly blessed I am on a daily basis…..but the whole live in the moment stuff that requires people possibly looking at me is still really hard for me.  But I found some inspiration the other night.

You know I loved the Keith Urban concert (he, by the way, knows how to live in the moment).  What you don’t know is that at one point he pulled a girl up on stage.  She must have been about 13 or so.  She was holding a sign that said, “please don’t let another day go by without a hug from you” and he saw it and said, “well ok, get up here.”  She did and when she got her hug, she did not let go.  She didn’t do it in a crazy, I’m-a-freak way, she just realized that this was her chance and she wasn’t going to rush it.  He ended up getting a chair on stage for her to sit next to him while he sang the next song and when he put the mic in front of her….THAT GIRL DIDN’T HESITATE, TURN RED OR SHAKE HER HEAD ‘NO’.  SHE SANG.  She sang in front of thousands of people, in front of professional musicians.  Completely living the moment and extracting every bit of what it had for her.  She’s my inspiration.  When I was a middle-schooler I was uncomfortable 90% of the time.  Most people probably never knew it, but I was.  I could have never done what she did and for that, I will allow her to be my inspiration of letting go and living in my moments.

 Finally, I will also allow myself to acknowledge and appreciate the victory of living in the quieter, private moments of my life.  Here is a picture of one of those moments from yesterday.  I was sitting in my scrapbooking studio finishing up on stuffing the Christmas cards to be mailed.  I looked up and this is what I saw in front of me…beautiful, isn’t it?


December 2, 2007 at 8:12 pm 3 comments

So here I go….

…into the world of having a blog. I’ve been reading some blogs and I’ve been enjoying them so after the urging of a friend, here I go.   I’ve got so much to do with the design work (that is what scares me the most) that I’ll keep this first entry brief.  Suffice it to say that I went to the Keith Urban concert last night and it was incredible.  I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life and this was, head and shoulders, the best I’ve ever seen.  He was amazing….man can he play the guitar!  But it wasn’t just that, he was so engaged with the audience and so in the moment; it seemed he was having just as much fun with us as we were with him.  Oh, and did I mention he played for THREE hours?  Incredible.  His encore was an hour long because he didn’t want to go.  He kept asking if it was ok to go on and everything from that point was impromptou….including pulling Martina McBride out of the audience to sing with him.  Yep, you wish you were there.

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